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Do you know that aside from holding physical meetings, you can also hold meetings online in your right there where you are? Zoom Meeting have however made that possible. Zoom meetings is a platform that enables you to stay conned wherever you are. In other words, zoom meetings enable you to join or start meetings wherever you are or in your comfort zone. During the time of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Agreeably, movements were restricted, and social gatherings were limited. But the Zoom meetings platform was still available for workers doing their tasks at home to communicate with each other in real-time.

Zoom Meetings - How to Download the Zoom Meetings Apk | Download the Zoom Meeting App for PC
Zoom Meetings – How to Download the Zoom Meetings Apk | Download the Zoom Meeting App for PC

Furthermore, zoom meeting although is free but has premium plans which give you the privilege to enjoy and have free access to more of its features. The number of participants you can host however depends on the premium plan you as a host must have subscribed for. But not to worry about the expenses as it is very much affordable. Besides, you can also use the Zoom platform for your business and also a very large enterprise. If you want to see the pricing plans, to check on which you want to subscribe for, you should visit the Zoom pricing website. Then select a plan by clicking on it to provide you details and create an account.

Zoom Meeting App

There are two platforms whereby you can start and join Zoom meeting. These platforms are however the website and the Zoom cloud meeting app. The zoom cloud meetings app is application software that enables you to access the Zoom meetings platform easily without the need for visiting the website. Glady, the app is available for all devices which includes desktop and mobile devices. But to access the platform via the Zoom meeting app, you have to first process the app download. See below for how to download the app.

Zoom App for Desktop Devices

  • Visit the Zoom app download website
  • Tap on the Zoom clients for the Meetings download button
  • The download would begin automatically

Zoom App for Mobile Devices

  • Open the app store available for your mobile device
  • Locate the app using the search engine
  • Click on the app from the result
  • Tap on the install or get the button to begin download

For users of the website, there are different types of Zoom app available on the platform. These apps include; Zoom Client for Meetings, Zoom Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, Zoom Plugin for IBN notes, Zoom Extension for web browser, Zoom Mobile apps, and many more. You are however to click on either the zoom client for meetings download button, zoom extension for a web browser, or the Zoom mobile apps depending on your device and how you want to access the Zoom app.

How to Start Zoom Meetings

Starting Zoom meetings is very easy. But to be a host, you have to first create an account if you do not have one. Therefore, you should visit the Zoom meetings sign-up page to create an account. Then after that, you can now create a meeting platform for a conference or discuss something very important with your colleagues. Here are steps below on how to start a meeting on Zoom;

  • Sign in to your account
  • Click on the new meeting button
  • Copy meeting id to send invitation to participants
  • Or add participants by sending an invite link
  • You can now start the meeting with active participants

After the meeting is over, you can now end the meet for all participants of the left meeting. As a meeting participant, see below on how to join a meeting already started by your host.

How to Join Zoom Meetings

As a participant, there are different ways you can join a meeting on Zoom. You can join a meeting either by invitation link sent to you or using the meeting Id sent by your meeting host. With any of this two information available, follow the steps below to join Zoom meetings;

Joining Zoom Meetings Through Invitation

  • If an invitation is sent, open your email
  • Click on the meeting link sent
  • Download the app if required to
  • Tap on the launch meeting button to join the meeting

Joining Through Meeting ID

  • If a meeting id is sent to you, you should either visit the zoom website
  • Or download the zoom app
  • Tap on the join button
  • Enter the link to join the meeting.

Joining a meeting does not require you to sign up for an account. But you must have a Google account to be able to use Zoom to start or join a meeting. With Zoom meeting, you can host or join meetings anytime and anywhere for free.