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Yahoo search engine a popular online web search engine that allows you to search for any type of keywords inserted on the platform, it is owned by Yahoo. However, this is a platform that serves and works like google and gives enough search results about keywords input on the platform.

Yahoo Search Engine - Yahoo Search Web Search | How To Search On Yahoo Search Engine

The Yahoo search engine is a means of getting news and other information without not using google, the platform helps well that no matter what you looking you will get good results for your keywords, the platform helps in making a review or writing a project you can just browse through the Platform with your keywords and get thousands of search results.

Is Yahoo a search engine or browser?

You might always wonder if the yahoo search engine is just exactly like google or a web browser, yes the platform is also like google and this both platforms are the most popular platform. This platform allows you to get access to a lot of information that why it called a search engine.

it also gives you a better platform for every means of information be it an assignment. Also, get the latest news about some other countries and politics. However, you are going to get every bit of information input that has a keyword in the platform.

How to Search for Key Words on Yahoo Search Engine?

Searching for your keywords on the Platform is simple and easy even without you using the platform. Has your default search engine on your web browser. However, You can have access to the platform with your computer or mobile phones. Also, depending on the available source and internet connectivity. Here are a few steps on how to search for keywords on the;

  • Launch any web browser on your computer or mobile phone
  • Go to www.search.yahoo.com/Login your Yahoo ID and password
  • At the homepage of the platform, you will see a search bar click on it. And input your keywords and click search.
  • Enough attributing to your key words click on your best. Or the latest if your search keywords are about news.

However, a yahoo search engine is a very good search engine that has been helping a couple of people around the world. With the project, work resume and so many more, Also Giving it a try now wouldn’t be bad. Also, the platform gives everybody the medium to learn about information.