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So many websites and apps are used for streaming music and downloading music, but all have different features and functions. We are in the modern age whereby people prefer the use of websites or apps to download and stream music instead of buying CD cassettes. However, tu bidy is a music download and stream website which also has an app that provides you with the latest and trending songs. On Tu bidy free online website, there is a full view of songs that you would love to download both in Mp3 and Mp4. However, this website gives its users free and easy access to download and stream music. you can also create an account with tu bidy but it is optional.

Furthermore, tubidy mp3 audio is free for streaming and downloading audios. However, you can download as many as you want on this website without charges. Also, you might have gotten to the website but still find it difficult to download or stream, you can read through as some information you might need to download tu bidy mp3 audio successfully on this website would be stated. if you like audio, you can also stream the video on tu bidy. Although, there are some features of tubidy mobile mp3 or mp4 that you can’t enjoy without sign up. So, therefore, to enjoy these features, you have to sign up for tu bidy.

Features of Tu bidy.com Music Mp3 and Mp4

Tu bidy possess a lot of unique features which you can rarely find on other music and video websites. Some of its features will be mentioned below which are what users of the website enjoys. Some of these features are;

  • Top searched: on tubidy music mp3 and mp4, you can see trending songs that people mostly search and also listen to. These songs are however known as trending songs. Also listening to these songs might make you updated about latest and current songs.
  • Top videos: How do you feel when people are talking about trends and you are also contributing. However, accessing the top video link helps you to watch music videos that are trending and what people mostly talk about.
  • My recently viewed: you can see the songs you have listened or viewed recently on tubidy, instead of re typing titles of songs. However, to do this you have to sign up. Although, the website is still accessible without having to sign up. But you can’t enjoy this feature without sign up.
  • Tubidy mobile search engine: this is available on both the website and the mobile app. However, you can access this without having to sign up on tu bidy. This is used to search out videos and music that are not available on the homepage.

There are still more to what has been listed above. So therefore, to find out, you have to sign up for tu bidy. So that you would not just find out, you will also enjoy the features. Trust, you wont regret visiting the website.

How to Download and Stream on Tubidy?

Downloading Mp3/Mp4 music video song on Tu bidy website is free. So, therefore, you can download as much as you want without registering or Payment Plans. Furthermore, when you download on this website, it would save directly to your device instead of going to locate the website again just to watch or listen to the audio or music video you downloaded. You might be finding it difficult to download and stream on the website. Therefore, here are steps you can follow;

  • Visit the website @ https://tubidy.mobi/
  • Then locate the song you want to stream or download using the tubidy mobile video search engine or tubidy mp3 search engine.
  • You can also see the song you want to download on your homepage
  • Then click on the song
  • You will be redirected to another page where you will choose which one you want to download or stream. Either mp4 video, mp3 audio or mp4 audio
  • Make your choice and click on it
  • Then you can choose either to play or download.

After you have followed this process, you can now stream online or your already downloaded videos or songs on your device. However, it takes the same download and stream process on the mobile app too. So therefore, you can try it out and download many audio and music videos.