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Dating is technically made for everyone, and being gay doesn’t make any difference. That is why tinder decided to make dating more fun for everybody and created a new feature. This feature allows you to meet any one of your choices as a gay. Tinder has recently added this tinder gay in order to help you find any partners of your choice based on your sexual orientation. The platform realizes that love is made for everyone not judging gender. From the time the feature was released a lot of users have become so happy because they can meet any one of their choices either using the app or the tinder web.

However, it is not new to us all that tinder is one of the best dating apps or websites ever, it is a little hard to find gay men on the platform. And it is because a lot of people are afraid of the outcome. That brings us to the point that says dating is all about fun and love, not gender. If you are worried about how to use the tinder gay platform, you do not need to because I will tell you everything you need to know about the gay platform.

Tinder Gay App

Like it was stated above, the tinder app is for everyone not caring about gender, so as a gay you can use the standard version of the tinder gay app or even the website. There are also many apps under tinder that can help you find any gay partner of your choice. All you just need to do is download the app or if you cannot, then below is how you can download the tinder app for gay.

  • Go to your app store, play store
  • Enter tinder app for gay
  • Click on the one of your choice
  • Download the app
  • Now, install.

With this above, you can download any tinder app of your choice. You do not need to avoid anything, download the app today and meet different men of your choice.

How Can I Setup My Tinder Account Gay Account?

The tinder gay dating app operates in a very different way which is clear to everybody using the. As a gay using the app you have to create an account in different because the platform has kept the process differently for gay men for a clear reason. The following is how you can create an account on tinder as a guy and also login

  • Download the app first or visit tinder.com
  • Click on sign in with any of the account you want to
  • Enter your details on the blank space provided
  • Click on the your gender
  • Now click on more, tap on the checkbox show my gender if you want other people to see it.
  • If you do not want them to see hide it by leaving it.
  • Now, type in the gender’ Gay’
  • You can also show if you want in order to find good partner

Aside from the above, you will be directed to the next page to specify your gender. There you can select up to three and also choose to hide your orientation on the profile. You will also have to decide who should see your home feed either women or men; you can also tap the feed to see people with the same sexual orientation as yourself.

How To Login In As A Gay On Tinder

  • Enter your email address or username
  • Enter your password.

So you can now see that there is nothing much in setting up your account. Are you shy to access the tinder gay? You do not need to be shy because being different is good. Log on to the account today, and find any partner of your choice without missing anything.