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What is Textnow App? Textnow App is a mobile application that offers you a mobile number and connection to make free phone calls and send texts. But it only works with phones that are connected and compatible with the sprint network. However, when your device is connected to the internet, the Textnow apK turns it into a phone with its own phone number even when the device does not have a mobile phone plan. So, with that, you as a user can now send traditional text/SMS and the charges wouldn’t show on your mobile device bill. Also, you should ensure to use your Textnow number at least once in two days.

One thing about Textnow App is that its number is untraceable to its owner as it does not reveal information about the identity of a person using its number. Aside from this, when it comes to the Textnow app’s reliability, we are made to know that the app is very reliable and has even upped its grade, to grade A+. This implies that the Textnow ApK is 100% reliable for you to use. But the only issue you might have with the Textnow ApK is its service which is centered on ads which is only a concern if you are using the free app.

Is Textnow App Safe?

The app is not safe for students who are using it without adult supervision. As there have been reports of mean people using Textnow to target kids and younger ones. Therefore, as an adult or a parent, it is best to keep your kids on younger ones from cell phones and also the Textnow platform so as not to get them involved in danger.

Is It Free?

Yes, the Textnow app is free to download on your device. Also, its offers free plans which afford unlimited calls and text messages using actual cell towers and not a Wi-Fi connection. There’s also no data included and not everyone needs it compulsorily. But still, Textnow offers Unlimited ad-supported calls and text messages for free using the app.

Why Textnow App?

Textnow helps its users stay connected with any one and everyone by providing them with a free unlimited text and calling mobile app which is fit for every budget. However, there are so many reasons why you should use the Textnow ApK. Some of the reasons why Textnow is the best app for you is;

  • You can get a local US phone number to call family and friends
  • Make and receive unlimited voice and video calls to the USA or Canada for free of charge
  • Use and device you want to access the platform be it your iOS, Android or even your Tablet
  • Call and Text without using network data or Wi-Fi in the US
  • Send and receive emojis, stickers and Gifs
  • Call using a different number.

 For these few reasons, you can now see how Textnow is the best app for you to get free mobile numbers to call and text anyone and everyone unlimitedly. Still not fully convinced? See features of the Textnow apK below.

Textnow App Features

Textnow App has so many unique features which you can enjoy when using it. All you just have to do is download the app, set up the app, and get access to all these features without paying a dime. These features of the Textnow apK include;

  • Passcode for chat security
  • Caller ID
  • Google Smart lock which you wouldn’t necessarily have to remember your password
  • Home screen widget for instant use

Above all, you would get the opportunity and privilege to text from your desktop and also seamlessly synchronize with your mobile device using Textnow.com. What are you waiting for? Download the app with the steps that would be listed for you below to get unlimited text, voice calls, video calls, and moreover both Wi-Fi and wireless connections.

How to Download

To use the Textnow App, it is very necessary to first process the App download. When you process the app download, you can now get access to phone services without phone bills. As a mobile device user, you can process the app download using your device app stores. While as a desktop device user, since there is no app for your device, you can visit the Textnow.com website to sign in and start using the platform. For mobile device users, here are steps on how to download the Textnow app below;

  • Open your Google play store or App store
  • Locate the app using the Store’s search engine
  • Click on the app
  • Tap on the install of get button to begin your app download.

Once your download is complete, you can now set up the app for use by creating an account. But if you already have an account, you can sign in to your Textnow account. And message your family and friends both in your country and abroad for free of charge.