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How do I check my SunTrust account online? on the contrary, SunTrust Bank Personal Banking is a widely known banking and also an American bank holding company. However, SunTrust Bank aims businesses include depositing, lending, credit cards, trust, and investment services. It’s was also recorded that the SunTrust Bank Personal Banking Awarded corporate and investment banking, capital market services, mortgage banking, and wealth management with over 24,000 members of the workforce. Moreover, SunTrust Bank is among the best largest subsidiary banks established in the year 1891. And it’s headquartered at SunTrust Plaza Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. While, William H. Roger, JR is the chairman and the CEO of SunTrust Bank globally.

SunTrust Bank Personal Banking - SunTrust Bank Online

Furthermore, SunTrust Banks Personal Banking rewarded different options in its personal banking. Whereby, they offer personal checking account, personal saving account, digital account, online banking, Mobile banking, digital payments, and money management resources. Nevertheless, we find out that BB&T and SunTrust have partnered to become Trust. While both institutions will continue to offer independent product lines for a period of time. Note that SunTrust also Awards Cash Rewards Credit Card, Travel Rewards Credit Card, Prime Rewards Credit Card, Secured Credit Card, and Business Credit Cards. Hence, each of these Credit cards has its promotional offer an introductory rate offer.  This content will explain more about SunTrust Bank Personal Banking and its services.

Personal Saving Account

Making use of a Personal saving account then you will be able to build your financial life and future. Whereas, the SunTrust Bank Personal Banking also has other option which includes the essential savings, select saving, and signature money market-saving.

Saving Account

The saving account allows members to get rewarded for a house, car, college, or simple peace of mind. However, a saving account is an interest-bearing deposit in which it’s typically paying a modest interest rate, safety and reliability make them a great option for parking cash.

Checking Account

This option allows you to choose a checking option that will befit your life. However, the checking account option grants you four check options that let you save on fees, offer an ATM refund, and the chance to earn interest.

SunTrust Bank Credit Cards

On the contrary, SunTrust Bank rewards serval Credit Cards for members to use for their business and personal use. However, the SunTrust Bank Credit Cards has various Credit Cards with their benefit such as Cash Reward, Travel Reward, Prime Reward, Secure Card, and Card Features and rewards.

Digital Banking

Digital Banking is a safe, secure, and reliable account you can be rest assure of on SunTrust Bank.

SunTrust Bank Loans

According to our findings, we discover that SunTrust awarded various loans for membership personal needs and for member business needs. Which compliance with home improvement loans, home equity lines of credit, auto loans, unsecured light stream loans, student loans, and recreation loans.

How do I Log in My SunTrust Bank Account?

Moreover, this is an easy procedure, once you are able to follow the instruction given. However, you must have been a member of SunTrust Bank before Signing because it will require your information details. In order to become a member kindly check above this content and learn How to Create or Open a SunTrust Bank Account Online.

How to Create a SunTrust Bank Account Online

You can open their account online or by visiting their bank branch near me. Here is the step to open an account and become a member online to benefit from their awarded rewards.

  • Visit their official page at www.suntrust.com
  • Locate the “Sign in” and click on it.
  • You will be redirected to another page where you can fill up the online banking enrollment form.

In addition, click on the enrollment and fill in the following details required. Then, follow the next steps that will guide you towards enrolling in your account successfully. Once you are able to fill in and follow the steps, then you have created an online account with SunTrust Bank.

You can Create their Bank Account

Here is how to sign in your account on SunTrust bank

  • Kindly lunch your default web browser and visit the official portal of www.suntrust.com.
  • You will be directed to their official homepage. Where you have access to sign in to the tab at the right top corner of the page.

Finally, you will be shown a form where you have to impute your user ID. And your password then clicks on the Sign-in button. Is that not quite easy to do once you follow the steps given to you?


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