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How do I sign up for a free Spotify account OR Can I Delete My Spotify Account? On the contrary, Spotify is known as a digital web-based music streaming platform that gives access to millions of songs online. However, sign up for a free Spotify account, is known as the main source of getting the features, listening to music, and also uploading your Mp3 music on the Spotify web player. More also, users can as well sign up for a free Spotify account with their Facebook account, or Google account by Creating a Spotify new account with their email address. Besides, you can Sign up for a free Spotify account by making use of your favorite default browser and follow the steps shown in this article.


Spotify Web Player - How to Sign Up  For a Free Spotify Account | Web Spotify

Furthermore, sign up for a Spotify account gives you free features that allow you to have a test of its services premium. Meanwhile, Spotify also has its paid subscription software with a high streaming quality, music advert that makes you feel happy and relaxed when uploading your music or making use of its services. Which its as gives you free access to the music content on Spotify with good quality sound such as low at 24kbs, normal stream at 960kps, very high streams at 320kbps. Hence, before you can access the web player Spotify for these benefits and features then you have to sign up and log into your Online Spotify account.

How to Sign up for a Free Spotify Account

When signing up for a free Spotify account you need to make sure you have the required ID which you will use to sign up for a Spotify account. For users for are interested in signing up for an account follow the steps below to get your account automatically.

  • Go to https://www.spotify.com/us/signup/ click on the link to get access to the sign-up portal automatically with makes it easier for you.
  • Firstly, enter your email address which must be your current email address
  • Re-enter your email address to confirm your account
  • Then enter your password which must be strong
  • Enter your profile name which people need to recognize you for
  • Fill in your date of birth which is your month, day, and year
  • Choose your gender either a female, male or non-binary
  • Finally, click on the sign-up icon below the sign-up account portal.

Note if you click the sign icon then that officially means you agreed to their terms and conditions that apply to the account.

How to Login into a Spotify Account.

If you already Sign up for a Spotify app or online platform account. Then you login directly to the account portal page to get access to your account.

  • Go to https://accounts.spotify.com/en/login click on the link to give you direct access to the login portal page officially.
  • Enter your email address or username correctly in the first space bar.
  • Then tap on the second spacebar and enter your email address.
  • Finally, click on the login icon below to have access to your account.

However, you can have access to another login into your Spotify account if you don’t want to use the Spotify login portal. Just click on the continue with Facebook, continue with apple, continue with google, or email address and enter your user id.

How to Delete Your Spotify Account

Deleting your Spotify account might have some reason which is when the account starts giving you problems from access. It could also be that you can’t download from the platform again. Here are the ways to delete your Spotify account automatically.

  • Login in to your Spotify page
  • Go to your Spotify account support page
  •  Choose you to want to close your account Spotify page
  • Then select either to cancel your subscription or close the account operantly.

If you choose to can open another account which is a premium free Spotify account that won’t cost anything or better still you can choose to open a payment Spotify account.