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There various mediums and channels to marketing, on the internet today. Meanwhile, choosing or deciding the right method or platform for your business could be difficult at times. Also, marketing on tv or with the use of print media is very costly. However, do not be dismay because with the SMS marketing click you can promote your business. What exactly, therefore, is SMS marketing? This involves the process of sending promotional and transactional messages and campaigns. With the use of text messages for the sole purpose of marketing. However, these messages which include updates, alerts, etc. are only sent to individuals, that have consented to receive them from your business.

SMS Marketing - How do you use SMS Marketing | SMS Marketing Strategy

It is no doubt that over the years, SMS marketing is one of the legitimate advertising mediums in various part of the world to advertise their business. And, so for people asking, is SMS marketing legal? YES, it is legal. Besides, SMS was created mainly for people to communicate with others, in place of calling. As time went by, many individuals from various parts of the world started using SMS for marketing. This is because Message marketing is really effective for your business growth and promotion. Check the outlines below, for the effectiveness of SMS marketing to your business.

Effectiveness of SMS marketing.

In this part of the article, we will be discussing the effectiveness of SMS marketing. The number of mobile users all over the world, cannot be properly estimated. And so, with many users of mobile phones now, the effectiveness of SMS advertising cannot be argued. However, if you still not satisfy with that valid reason, here are other reasons why it is indeed effective;

  • High Conversion Rate;  text message marketing, has a higher interaction rate compared to other marketing mediums/channels. You will agree with me that, the response rate of the text messages is significantly high. Many businesses have recorded a massive click-through with the bulk SMS service.
  • Boost Your Other Channel; Using SMS advertising can also increase your website. Aside from your website, your interaction with other marketing touchpoints like email, website, etc. will definitely increase. This will however help to drive more traffic to your market website.

Also, it is the only effective method of direct marketing. You will also agree with me that, you can use your phones to reach people all over the world. Also, it doesn’t take up to an hour for someone to read your message. I know many will say, what of messaging applications like WhatsApp and Facebook. But the fact is that many don’t have this application on their device. And so half of the world population may not even, be reached. However, SMS Marketing stands to be the most reliable way to reach all these people. In conclusion, you can hire a text marketer to make it more effective.

IS SMS Marketing Free?

Many users keep searching and asking if SMS Marketing adverting is free. However, With the Free text message for small businesses, you can promote your small-scale business. Moreover, the inbound message is free but each company has its own pricing. But most business owners, use the typical model which is the monthly fee. This contains a certain number of texts and keywords. So stay on the right side, it is advisable to choose a text marketing company that offers you Free inbound messages for your business growth.

How does SMS Marketing work

SMS Marketing message works in two ways the short word and the Keyword. The shortcodes are a five- or six-digit number that serves as the phone number. Your six-digit or five-digit code is where customers text the keyword to. While Keyword on the other hand is the word that goes with the body of the message. This also, signifies which campaign your customers are signing up for.

 To get started with you need SMS Marketing OR text marketer, they will then be provided you with a shortcode for your business campaign. All you need to do is share your shortcode provided by your SMS message service or get a code used only by your customers. Once you’re able to get a code and signup with a text marketing company, you will be able to control your campaigns with the online dashboard. Now you can start, promoting and reaching more audiences for your business.