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You probably must have heard of an image sharing and social media service which is designed to enable you to save and discover information which his ideas on the internet in form of images, animated GIFs and videos, and also Pinboards. This platform is Pinterest which is inaccessible without first processing its sign-up. Just like it says on its website when you make your first visit “sign up to get your ideas”. Pinterest sign-up is a registration process to have a page on the platform and get access to all what it has to offer.

Pinterest sign-up enables you to see all the beautiful images with brief descriptions posted by other users of the platform. Also, once you sign up for Pinterest, you can follow other users to be updated daily on there. Also, you can get other users to follow you. Besides, the platform offers you different ideas which might be helpful to you. Some of these ideas include; Weeknight dinner idea, new-look outfit, green thumb idea, home decoration idea, and many more. So, therefore, why miss out on all these when you can easily sign up to get them all. 

How do I Sign Up For Pinterest?

Signing in to Pinterest is very easy. You can sign up using your Facebook account, Google account, or using your email. All you just have to do is visit the Pinterest website. Or download the Pinterest app for free on your mobile device. After you have signed up, you can now find new ideas from different ideas on the platform. Here are steps on how to sign up for Pinterest below;

Sign Up Via Email

  • Visit the Pinterest official website @ Pinterest.com
  • Or download the Pinterest mobile app and open once install is complete
  • Click on the sign-up button
  • Enter your email in the space provided for email address
  • Create a strong password
  • Provide your age
  • Click on the continue button

Sign Up Via Facebook

  • Click on the sign-up button
  • On the sign-up section click on sign up with Facebook or continue with Facebook button
  • If your Facebook account is not signed in on that device you would be required to produce your Facebook login details.
  • Enter your email and click continue
  • Then after that you can set up your account.

Sign Up Via Google

  • On the sign-up page
  • Click on the continue with Google button
  • Select your Google account or click on the use another account to add your Google account.
  • Follow the instructions given to you promptly and set up your account.

After completing your sign-up, you can now set up your Pinterest account by choosing what you want to get more feeds on. And you can choose more than 5 topics. After setting up your account, you can now save ideas and follow the owners of those posts. Aside from that, you can post your ideas and share them with thousands of people, and also create your Pinboards.

How to Link A Business Account to Your Account

Not only can you post ideas and do all that a normal Pinterest account enables you to do. But you can also have a business or professional presence on Pinterest. How do you set up a Pinterest business account for your business? Well, it is very easy for you to link your business profile to a personal account. Also, you can switch back between your business and personal account if you want. Here are steps below on how to go about that;

  • Login to your Pinterest account and select the down arrow to go to your profile image page
  • Click on the add another account link
  • Enter your business account login to switch to your business account
  • However, if you do not have a business account yet, log out of your personal account if you do not want it to be linked to your business account.
  • Go to the Pinterest business account sign up page
  • Enter the details required of you and select your business type
  • Click on the create account button.

After creating an account, if you want to link your account to your account, you can follow the first to third steps. This will help you add your business account which would enable you to switch accounts anytime you want.