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Netflix is one of the most popular movies streaming platforms because of its massive library of movies and TV shows and discount which involves College students. However, there is no Netflix student discount on Netflix For College Student but you want Netflix. The only option you have is to use a free trial. Also, like college or high school student you can benefit from the free trial period offered by streaming service which is a short period. After that free trial, there are ways you could get more trials in place of a Netflix for College student plan.

Netflix For College Student - Netflix College Discount | Netflix Free trial

Netflix for college students is not available as a Discount or subscribe means to the streaming platform. However, a student looking to stretch their entertainment dollar to have a few options. In which Netflix gives ways to gain access to additional free trials. Several alternatives have Netflix for college student discounts. And some free TV and movie streaming sites that can save more money.

How to Get access to Netflix Student Discount

Netflix doesn’t allow multiple free trials but you can sign up again if you use a different email and billing method like a prepaid credit card. However, other than using the free trials the next best way to access Netflix for college student. Is to ask a parent or friend for a profile on their account. Here are a few steps on How to get access to Netflix student discount;

  • Create a New Netflix Account on any device After you finish creating an account. Click on start your free month button.
  • Cancel your free trial subscription plan before that ongoing 30 days
  • Then Netflix will send you an email with another free trial version after a month to run their business.
  • Then click on that link given by Netflix and continue doing the same process again for getting free trials. After you get multiple free trials you will notice that the rate of the subscription drops to a certain amount.
  • Take the least rate and enjoy unlimited access to Netflix movies and TV shows.

How can I get discounts on Netflix?

Not long Netflix rolled out a price increase but you don’t have to pay hugely for the streaming platform. However, you can use other cheaper streaming services as we such as Hulu Now offer. One of the cheapest streaming TV Plans Around. Here are a few steps on how to get discount on Netflix;

  • Buy iTunes or google play gift card and pay for your subscription through iTunes or Google Play.
  • Also, Netflix gift card comes with 10% off its face value which could include your Netflix bill.

Netflix for college student is not available due to the point that each student spends up to 30hours per week in class. Which are almost a full working week and 78% of college students. Netflix For College Student has a part-time job to cover their studying expenses. Netflix to some of them is not a better chance and place.