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Google is one of the oldest and most popular and used search engines all over the world with billions of users all over the globe. Daily, Google handles 3.5 billion searches. It is also the most visited search engine in the world used by different people from different parts of the world with different languages so this brought about the introduction of Google translate a website built by Google to translate text, documents, writings, and website from one language to another. Google translate Malay to English functions as a website it also as a mobile phone application for Android and IOS users and an application programming interface(API) that helps developers in building small software modules in customizing their website and offering a variety of extension options which includes the user interface, web recovery, and software application.

Malay is the language of the Malaysians and other countries also adopted Malay as their official language. With over 290 billion people speaking the Malay language. Malay is the number one most accepted official language all over the globe. Google translate Malay to the English language is very easy and fast for users to access and use. It allows users to translate any text, documents from Malay to the English language in a very simplified way and without stress provided you know what you want to translate. Google translate Malay to English is also absolutely free on google translate all you need is your internet connection then you are good to go


Understanding context is one effective way of communicating and we all don’t use the same language from different parts of the world except our official languages so the best way to communicate and other ends get to understand the context is b translating from one’s language to a generally accepted language which is the main reason behind Google translate Malay to English. Below are some advantages of Google translate malady to English

  • Google translate is a very effective communication strategy.
  • It is a very quick and fast method of translating Malay to English. Since the human method cannot be as fast as the website.
  • It also assist uses that have to write business proposals, letters, curriculum vitae in English go through the process very easy and fast.
  • Google translate is also absolutely free to access you don’t need to pay any fee to access
  • Allows you communicate effectively when you meet new people from different part of the world.

How to Access Google Translate Malay to English

Wants to learn how to access the website for Google translate Malay to the English language. Let’s take you through the easy steps to follow.

  • Go to your Google browser on your mobile phone or Microsoft windows or Mac pc.
  • Put in this URL https://translate.google.com and search.
  • To boxes will be provided for you to type in the Malay language and the other one the English language.
  • Then you click/select translate.
  • It will automatically translate by itself.
  • You can now go ahead to translate any other text you want to.

Note that Google translate from Malay to the English language is free, fast, and very easy to go about.