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Do you know that when you are at Starbucks you can stay connected to the world with a Wi-Fi service from Google. However, Google Starbucks Wi-Fi allows you to connect to free Wi-Fi from Google fiber at any Starbucks coffee shop in the U.S. Also, you get to connect to this Wi-Fi in Any Starbucks which is free for two hours if you have a registered Starbucks card. You can also access connectivity in the coffee shops for free if you an AT&T customer.

Google Starbucks Wi-Fi - Is There Free Wi-Fi In Starbucks? | How To Connect To Google Starbucks Wi-Fi Network

Google Starbucks Wi-Fi is partnering with several media companies including Yahoo for a new digital venture. However, when you to Starbucks and log-in to the Wi-Fi you will be served with targeted content and news. Also, Yahoo will help run the portal and Starbucks is also working with AOL to Integrate local content from a patch in the network. You will get free versions of content from WSJ, Zagat, New York Times, USA Today and a free pick of the week iTunes download. The most important part is that they will be no advertising on the Starbucks digital portal.

Do all Starbucks have Google Wi-Fi?

Starbucks rolls out the new Wi-Fi system for more than 7,000 united states stores. However, any new U.S company-operated Starbucks stores will automatically receive the new Wi-Fi system. Many customers use the stores as almost an office grabbing a table and taking advantage of the store’s free Wi-Fi. Google Starbucks Wi-Fi will work with level 3 communications an international telecommunications company to bring the Wi-Fi system to All stores. The Coffee shop is smart to ensure that their Wi-Fi is strong to keep their customers. Which will allow them to come and conduct their business meetings at the Starbucks stores.

How do I connect to Wi-Fi? 

Whenever you go grab your coffee try using the Google Starbucks Wi-Fi which is free and unlimited for every Starbucks cardholder. However, you could with your mobile phone or laptop for business meetings with your partner at the store. Here are a few steps on how to connect to Wi-Fi in-store;

  • on your device, navigate to the list of available wireless networks
  • select Google Starbucks which will require you to enter your name, email address, and postal code. No password needed to join the network.
  • If the Starbucks webpage doesn’t pop up then refresh a page you have already open’
  • After reading the terms of services and privacy policy. Click Accept and connect to get online.

To connect to Wi-Fi services your information is required the first time your device connects in-store Wi-Fi. However, customers may unsubscribe from the email at any time and not impact their access to the Wi-Fi in the Starbucks Stores.