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Google Play Books is the one app you need for enjoying audiobooks and eBooks purchased from Google Play. However, the platform also stands for uploading files and printing books that allow users to read over a million free Google playbooks. Also, using this platform you can find, read and download free classic, works of literature. And other primary sources like first-hand accounts of historical events, autobiographies, correspondence, diaries and many more. E-book platforms such as Google play books app provide increased flexibility and professional development from the phone.

Google Play Books App - Google Play Audiobook | Google Play Books for Free

Google Play Books app is available for both Android and iOS mobile users. However, to read Google Books on your device you must have a Google Account. and also download the app, you can choose any book to download or listen to on the go. When you are finished find your next favorite from recommendations personalized just for you. Also, the platform makes user Buy audiobooks and eBooks as you go with no subscriptions required.

Is Google Play Books app free?

 users could search for Google books through Google Play helping users discover top bestselling eBooks available for purchase and as well for free. However, users can download Google books to many mobile devices that have books synced across the devices. This is very easier for the user to start reading a book on their phone and continue from their tablet anytime. 

How to Download Google Playbook app?

The Google PlayBook app has some nice features, like the built-in dictionary and the syncing capability which get in compete with Kindle. However, Google Play Books is the Android equivalent to Apples’ iBook. This app is available for both iPhone and Android which free to download on both platforms. Here are a few steps on how to download Google Playbook app;

On Android

  • Launch the Google play store app on your device ‘
  • At the homepage of the store click on the search bar. Then input Google playbooks 
  • The app with a white and blue color icon in the Google Play Books app click on the download 
  • After downloading wait to download finish and install immediately.

On iPhone 

  • Launch the app store on your device 
  • At the homepage of the store click on the search bar at the bottom right corner to input Google playbooks and click search.
  • The app with a white and blue color icon in the Google Play Books app click on Get 
  • Confirm your download information to start downloading.

Remember that the Hamburger menu or the three parallel lines in the upper left left-hand corner of your screen. Gives you access to your books on the app just select on library all your books downloaded will be shown to begin reading.