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Google mail (Gmail) is a social network powered by google which helps its users to send and receive emails free of charge. Google has made it very easy in the sense that you can be contacted through Gmail. Meanwhile, before you can contact any other mail users, make you get their email. This email is also the source of contacting you by any other email users. However, without your email, you can’t be contacted and you can’t contact any other mail users because the email is the main thing about Gmail.

Google Mail - How to Create a Google Email Account

Furthermore, not only Gmail users can contact you after your Gmail account is created, any other email users like outlook mail, yahoo mail, and so on can also contact you so far you have created a Gmail account.

Creating a Google Mail Account

Without creating an account, you won’t be able to send or receive emails, so in this case, users must create an account before accessing Gmail. Meanwhile, Creating a Gmail account makes it easy for friends to send emails to you. Also, the reason why you must keep your email is that your email stands out to be your login information. Anytime you want to login to Gmail by using the Gmail id Login page, you will be asked to enter your email and password. The email Google is asking for is the one you created while opening an account. To recognize an email, there is always a sign used to recognize an email which is “@”. Meanwhile, to recognize a Gmail account it always ends with “@gmail.com” if it doesn’t end with “@gmail.com” which means the email is not powered by Google.

However, creating a Gmail account is free of charge. The only aspect where users will be asked to pay is if your Gmail space is full, so Google will ask you to free space or to purchase additional space.

Features of Gmail

  • It is very safe and fast.
  • It is free of charge.
  • Very easy to navigate.
  • It doesn’t require installing any app before you can send any mail.

How Do I Create a Google Mail Account

This is the step users must pass through before they be considere part of Gmail users. if you don’t create an account, you won’t be able to send and recive mails. Below are the steps on how to create a Gmail account.

  • Launch your PC browser or laptop browser
  • Enter gmail.com on your browser’s search bar
  • Click on the “create an account” button and
  • After that, users have two options, users can either create an account for yourself or create an account for business company, so in this case, you are to choose
  • Fill out your profile information which are; First name, last name and then you will be asked to create an email and s trong password

On creating a Google mail login or Gmail account login, create an email that has not been used before because you will be the only one using the email you created and also the password. The set a password that no one would ever think of and a password on the Gmail email password. And try adding symbols and at least an uppercase so as to secure your password more. Also, you can add another email address to Gmail that is if you have more than one account. This Up-listed step is for those who haven’t create a Gmail account in the past. For those that have created a Gmail account in the past, steps on how to login to your Gmail account will be listed below

How Do I Log into Google Gmail Account

Gmail Login Account? on the contrary, Gmail login mail simply means you have created an account in the past. And if you have created an account in the past. No need to create another Gmail account anytime you want to use Gmail. You just have to log in to the account you created using Gmail’s sign up page

Loging in to Google mail account means you have created an email address on Google mail in the past. So when you login no need of starting as a fresher. After you performe the action of gmail email login, all you need to do is just to continue from the section you stop the last time you logged in. Below are the steps on how to log in

  • Launch your PC browser or laptop browser
  • Enter Gmail.com on your browser and you will be taken to the login page directly
  • Enter your email password and you then you are in

NOTE THAT: The email they are asing for is the one you created while signing up for Gmail. And your password are the security keys you created during your sign up also.