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There are so many reasons you might want to delete Gmail account. One might be due to fact that you have too many Gmail account you want to reduce the popularity. Deleting your Google account is however very is easy. But keep in mind that deleting your Google account is permanent and sending and receiving mails through the account would be impossible. However, deleting your Gmail account doesn’t mean that your entire Google account services will vanish. But you will need an alternate email address to enable you to sign in to the Google account later.

Furthermore, you could lose all data and content available on that account when you delete it. Also, if you choose to change your mind to have your account back, you might be able to get it but not certain. Deleting your Gmail account is more like creating an account. Aside from deleting your Gmail account, there are also different ways you can remove your account. Just in case you might not actually want to delete your account. They include removing your account from your device or signing out of your Gmail account. To delete Gmail account is different from those as it is permanent. You can delete your account via the app and via the website. Meanwhile, steps on how to delete Gmail account will be listed for you to follow in this article.

Consequences of Deleting Your Gmail Account

To delete Gmail account could lead to so many losses of important information available on that account and many more. Therefore, before proceeding with deleting your account, you should know the consequences of deleting it. With these consequences, you should have a second thought about deleting your account. As mentioned earlier, deleting your Gmail account is permanent. Also, take note that your Gmail account is also your Google account. However, the consequences of deleting your account include;

  • Your email and mail settings will also be deleted
  • You or anyone else would not be able to use that email address in the future
  • Also, You will no longer be able to send or receive and mails using that email address
  • You will lose all the data and content in that account

Also, after you delete Gmail account you might not be able to access subscriptions and content you have used that email account for. Also, updating apps or games using the play store would be impossible. That’s if the Gmail account is the account you used to sign in to the Google service.

Steps on How to Delete Gmail Account

As mentioned earlier, deleting your Google account is just easy as signing up for an account. However, you can download your data so as to not lose them after deleting your account. You can choose to delete Gmail account using any device and any platform of your choice where Gmail sign-in is allowed. Here are the steps below;

Using Mobile App

  • Open your device setting app > Google > Manage your Google account
  • Click on the Data and Privacy
  • Scroll down to data from apps and service you use
  • Under it, choose either to download or delete your data
  • To delete you might be required to sign in your account
  • Next to the Gmail, click on the delete button
  • Provide a still functioning email and click on Send verification email. (Note that it shouldn’t be a Gmail address)
  • You have to provide an email address and therefore, not until then will your account be deleted. If not, your account will not be successfully deleted.

Using Website or Desktop Devices

  • Go to your google account
  • On the left, tap on the Data and Privacy link
  • Scroll down to data and apps from the services you use
  • Under the download or delete your data, click on the delete a google service link
  • Sign in your account
  • Beside the Gmail, click on the delete button.

In order to delete Gmail account successfully, you will need to produce an email address. Note that, the email you will provide should not be a Gmail address but any other email like Yahoo mail or others. And not until you provide an existing email address, your account would not be deleted.