Dating on Facebook is a process that we are able to connect and find through also a process where users can get through love with Facebook dating it easier with finding meaningful relationships. With Facebook dating, you can get someone who has some common things you like such as interests in things events and other related groups. Facebook Dating will always help with matches at one in a time.

Dating on Facebook Free - Facebook Dating USA App Download Free | New FB Dating Service Launches in Europe

Basically, with Facebook dating when you see someone you like all you have to do is to like the person’s profile or start a conversation or rather reply to any of their post that is online about dating like photos or posts on Instagram’s. Although Facebook has always been a place where divorcees and students show their out their scope out when it comes to romantic interests, and presently now Facebook users in the United States can now use the social network as a FB dating service. FB dating was officially out last year in other countries and US is also among one of those countries.

Facebook can only be accessed on the Facebook app, but in order to be able to make use of it users will have to set-up a different profile which only what you need for that profile is just your name and age, cause with it that is what the service will use in finding a good match based on where you come from and other necessary factors that is needed. You can as well match with people who attend same event or part of a group which you belong. But it will never show you your friends that are existing on your Facebook list on that part the option is always off by default.

How to Sign up for Facebook Dating

  • Open the Facebook app on your device.
  • Set up your Facebook profile.
  • Be sure that you are running the latest version of the Facebook app on your IOS or Android.
  • The dating on Facebook will then appear on a new tab in the Facebook mobile app’s main menu.
  • Go to Facebook dating and create an account you can use for the dating profile which has to be separated from your main profile account.
  • Add up your details which are your religions, job title, education and degrees, and so on.
  • Add your photos and other information from either your Facebook profile which you can be able to remove or edit when you want to create your Facebook dating profile.
  • Enter your gender and the gender you are looking for that smooth your match on the dating service.

What is a secret Crush List

Secret crush is a process where you can match with people know already either on Facebook or Instagram. Basically, you can as well select as many as Facebook friends or Instagram followers which you can be able to add up to a secret crush list. But note that on the Instagram followers’ part there you must have connect your Instagram account to your Facebook dating.

On these a notification will be sent just to notify them that someone is crushing on them then if the person add you to his or her secret crush list then you both are been match together. But if the person you try to add doesn’t know anything about it then they wont be able to get the notification.

Interesting Aspect of Facebook Dating

FB dating is an online platform where you can find true love or share your feeling with someone who has the same feeling as you, with the Facebook dating platform users can communicate with each other’s and share their feelings of how they really feel about their other partner. There are the basic different app that is specifically for dating. Such as Snapchat, Twitter, Linkedln, and also Facebook. But in the aspect of Facebook, it’s a dating app. Facebook dating is free and very easy to access because FB dating is already Facebook itself, unlike other dating apps that have the option of you set an account.

FBk dating isn’t a separate app is an existing part of the iOS mobile app and Facebook Android which is already there you don’t need to download it, it built right into the site as a standalone app. Although it is said that your FB dating is separate from your Facebook, Facebook dating helps make it easier for users to be able to find true love or starting meaning relationships with things you have in common like going to an event or sharing the same interest with each other.


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