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Zoom cloud meeting is a free online visual meeting platform that allows people to stay connected from different parts of the world, zoom cloud meetings app gives you access to starting or joining online meetings with instant messaging and sharing of high-quality videos, audios, instant screen sharing, and cross-platform IMS. Zoom cloud meeting is secured and allows about 100 participants and more participants when using a paid subscription.

Furthermore, Zoom cloud meeting has been to the advantages to users these recent times many business owners, universities, churches, organizations, social workers, lawyers make use of zoom to hold a conference. Zoom cloud meeting application is free and is available for Android mobile phones, IOS, Microsoft Windows, and Mac. With the application, you can connect with other zoom cloud meetings application users from your mobile devices or Microsoft windows and Mac over the internet connection.

Why Zoom Cloud Meeting?

Amazing and beneficial features on the zoom allow visual conference meeting holds well. From having up to 100 participants to streaming high-quality videos, clear audios to screen sharing, instant messaging, and lots more. Zoom is a user interface friendly as also secures meetings. Participants are provided with a zoom ID to log in and participate in the visual conference.

Visual Meeting From Any Part of The world

The zoom cloud meeting allows you to attend the conference from the comfort of your home or anywhere with high-quality videos. Zoom is the best video-conferencing application. You can also start and join meetings with your phone

Access To Instant Messaging, Photo And video-sharing Files, And More

You are granted the access to instantly reach people through messaging, photos, and file on zoom cloud meetings. You can also reply to other people messages

Zoom Webinars

Zoom allows webinars where participants can view each other, it also allows question and answer sessions, zoom webinars allows up to 100 participants and more than 10000 attendees, zoom webinars allow interactions.

Voice Calling And Voice Recording

Zoom allows you to make and receive calls it also allows you to receive voice messages and call recordings. Zoom also allows you to manage calls and leave a voicemail. Other important features are

Cross-platform Messaging

Cross-platform messaging allows you to access zoom meetings using another platform. Zoom cloud meeting allows you to send instant messages and videos from across other platforms without restrictions.

Screen Sharing

However, screen sharing allows you to share your screen or part of your screen with another participant with permission from the host. Meanwhile, screen sharing is one of the most important and widely used features because it promotes effective communication between two teams since you are allowed to share whatever is on your screen with the chat.

Access to Whiteboard

Zoom cloud meeting gives you access to the whiteboard where with the permission of the host participant and the host can share ideas and work together in other to implement the idea. The host and the participant are allowed to share their whiteboard.

Downloading And Accessing The zoom Cloud Meeting App

To effortlessly access free high-quality videos, clear audios, cross-platform messaging on the go download the free zoom app and enjoy. Go through the following steps

  • Go to your phone Play store/Apple Appstore/website
  • Search on the app
  • Select download and then you can go ahead to install the app on your phone or your windows or Mac.

Finally, you must have downloaded and installed the app on your device. You can get started by signing up with your phone number and also the instruction to follow which will be displayed on your screen.