If you need a platform that will connect all you work tool together then Zapier is the best that help link your favorite work apps such as Gmail, Slack, and Mailchimp. However, the platform allows users to connect two or more apps to automatically doing some tasks without coding. And depending on developers to build the integration which user build their workflows with just a few clicks on the platform. Also, users can save all their email attachments in their Gmail account and also save them to Dropbox.

Zapier - How To Create A Zapier Account | Zapier Cost

Users Can get Zapier to have an automated setting to their email attachment to Dropbox to save time and effort. However, with the platform, their thousands of different workflows you can create. Such as adding a new Facebook Lead Ads leads to row on Google sheets. Also, on the platform users can create Google Calendar events from new Trello cards and also copy tweets across multiple twitter accounts. There are more ways you could use Zapier. Which is said to have some automated words users need to be comfortable with. However, words like Zap which is a workflow between your apps consisting of two parts which are the trigger and one or more actions.

How to Create a Zapier account?

Zapier Slack work hand in hand to give the best workflow for it used to experience a good workflow. However, the first thing you need to do to benefit all the experience you will need to Sign up for an account with the platform. Also, to create this account you will need to provide some personal information. And then access the core function of platform you will need to check for Zapier pricing. And know the Zapier Cost for premium services. Here are a few steps on how to create a Zapier account;

  • Launch any web browser on your device.
  • Go to Zapier the official website for Zapier.
  • At the homepage, you can sign up with Google, Sign up with Facebook. Use your work email including your First Name and click Sign up then create a Password.
  • Then you are done creating an account for free.

Does the Zapier cost money?

Creating an account on Zapier is free and the platform offers a free level of service but with some limitations for its advanced features. However, with the Free Zapier account, you can perform up to 100 tasks per month. And also, you can only have five Zaps active at any given time which includes a 14-day trial of premium features. for a Starter account which costs $20 per month and includes Premium Apps. With 1,000 tasks and 20 Zaps which run every 15 minutes. Also, the Professional accounts are $50 per month and include premium apps such as Autoreplay Tasks. And support 3,000 tasks per month with 50 Zaps that runes every five minutes.

Zapier web interface features a clean design including distinct layout elements and colorful icons for Apps and service, However, the platform allows users to search for apps and pre-built Zaps in the Dashboard section.


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