The NBA (National Basketball Association) is a men’s professional basketball league that is very popular among the men around the world. Yahoo NBA fantasy is a platform that allows you to create and set up a league which you could invite your friends and other people to join, this platform allows you to choose your favorite or the best NBA players which might depend on the rating and compete with other members in the league.

Yahoo NBA Fantasy - Yahoo Sports Fantasy Basketball | NBA Yahoo Fantasy

Yahoo NBA fantasy gives reward on every NBA game or at the end of the season which depends on your fantasy points earn in your league. Depending on how you set up your league or the league you joined which is either by league points or head to head.

How to Join or Create a Yahoo NBA Fantasy league?

Joining or creating a league is very easy and simple on the yahoo sports NBA fantasy platform, there are better features, better research for leagues, and all better play with other competitors of the NBA fantasy. Here are a few steps on how to join or create an NBA fantasy on yahoo sports;

To create

  • Launch any web browser on your computer or web browser
  • Go to your yahoo ID and password
  • At the homepage, click on icon create a league
  • At the next page input your preferred name of the league you are creating and also and the league type.
  • Then click finish

To join

  • Launch any web browser on your computer or web browser
  • Go to
  • Login your Yahoo ID and password
  • Click on the icon with join league
  • you will be provided with different leagues at the next page, you can join from a yahoo sports free NBA league, a pro league which the buy-ins into this league range from $20 to $1000 commissioned by yahoo or a custom leagues which is also a free league but with many custom settings option which is created by a user on the league Click on any of your options.

How often do you Set your lineup in Fantasy?

Depending on the league you join or create you can change your line up the weekly or scoring system. If your league rules specify weekly then you will be able to only change weekly. You can also make changes depending on how many games your players have, with references. Most leagues have either daily or weekly adjustments on their fantasy.


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