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Feel bored? Why don’t you visit Tik Tok today and make your day? However, tik tok is a social media that allows you to express yourself through video making. You can use tik tok to make your videos, post, and also watch other people’s tik tok videos. Tik tok is where a lot of people go to watch videos posted by different people from all over the world. Also, with tik toks you can watch dance, comedy, and educative videos and also make yours too for people to watch you.

Tik Tok - How do I Access & Sign Up TikTok Online Account | Tik Tak com

Furthermore, tik toks has lots of users which is why the app is fun as everyone has their own style of doing things. So, therefore, you can watch people’s different styles of doing things and can also showcase your own talent. Although tik tok requires you to sign up before you can access it to post, follow and watch interesting videos made by tiktok users. You can access tik t0k via the website and the mobile app. Another unique thing about tiktok is that you can save a video you love on your mobile device to show people or watch later.

Features of Tik Tok

Tik Toks has lots of unique features that all of its users enjoy. So, therefore, you can become a user today to benefit from those features too. However, the basic feature of tik tak is that it allows you to post videos, edit videos, add filters and effects, share on social media, and a lot more. The other features of tik tak are;

  • It allows you do duets or even lip sync
  • Record your reactions to other people posts
  • Stream videos live
  • Availability of QR code to subscribe to other users.

There are still a lot of features to discover on tiktok. So, therefore, discovering them is very simple. All you just have to do is sign up and start making your own tic toc videos then you can enjoy the features other tic toc users are enjoying. You can even follow your favorite TikToker for more of his/her videos.

Tik Tok Sign Up

Tik tok might have attracted you with its amazing features and then you want to create an account with it but then you don’t know how to. However, in this section of this article, that would be sorted out for you. To be a tik tok user, get followers on tik toks, get likes and enjoy tik toks videos. It is very simple. All you need to do is sign up for tik tok either via the mobile app or via the website. However, for yet to be tik tok users, some steps on how to sign up would be stated for you that you can follow to have a successful tik tok sign up. Here are the steps;

  • Visit the tik tok website or mobile app
  • Then click on the sign-up button
  • Choose which account to use to sign up
  • Enter your choice of account password
  • Then click on the continue button

You can now start uploading your and posting your videos on tik to. You can also like videos, enjoy the feature, and do everything tic toc enables you as after accessing the tic toc sign-up process, you are now licensed to use tik tok.

Tik Tok Sign In

You might want to log in to your already created account on another device be it your desktop device o another of your mobile device but then you are finding it difficult to. This part of this article could be of great help as it would be enlightening you on how to access the tik tok sign-in. The tiktok sign is a process by which you can enter or have access to your tiktok account. here are the steps you can follow to sign in to your tiktok account;

  • Visit the website or the mobile app
  • Click on the log in button
  • Continue with the account you used in signing up
  • Enter the account password and click continue.

Note that, without this process, you can’t access tiktok or even enjoy its features. However, this also enables you to enjoy the features tik tok has to offer. You can create an account and still not enjoy the tic toc features except you log in to your tic toc account.