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Looking for a way to stream a movie with your friends even though they are far from you? Teleparty is a very good idea. Teleparty which was formerly known as the Netflix party is a new and rebranded way to watch Tv shows and movies with your friends online. How? Teleparty synchronizes video playbacks and adds group chat to the movie streaming platforms which includes Hulu, HBO, Netflix, and Disney.

Amazingly, over 10million people around the world enjoy the amazing features the platform has to offer. One of which is its links up friends from different locations to watch a movie together. So, therefore, you need not worry about your friends coming over from a far distance for a movie night. As with Teleparty, you can host long-distance movie nights and Tv watch parties.

However, to use Teleparty, you are required to have an account with either HBO, Hulu, Netflix, or Disney. The reason is, those are the platforms that the movies streaming would take place. And normally to stream from any of those platforms you have to sign up for an account. But before you can use Teleparty, you have to first install and add the app to your chrome extension. Then after which you can visit the platform to access it.

How Teleparty Works

Although, Teleparty Netflix party has so many pros and it also has cons. However, one of the cons of the platform is that it is limited to some devices. In other words, it is not accessible on a mobile device but only on desktop devices. The reason is the platform requires you to add the app to your chrome extension browser which is not supported on mobiles. One unique thing about the platform is that multiples persons can share an account to join the Netflix party. But the account has to be registered to a membership plan which enables more than a person to stream simultaneously.

Teleparty allows over a thousand participants to join a particular party. So, therefore, you can add or invite as many friends as you want to join you for a movie night. However, the Netflix party is only accessible to countries where Netflix is accessible. Also, keep in mind that before streaming any show or Tv series on Netflix, you should ensure it is available in your region and also the region of the other individuals joining your party.

Teleparty Download

To create a party on the Teleparty platform, you must process the Teleparty download. But the Teleparty download is different from other apps downloads. This requires you to add it to your chrome extension. So, therefore, you should add the Teleparty extension to your chrome web browser to use the platform. Finding it difficult to do that? there are two ways by which you can add a Teleparty extension. They include via the website and via the chrome web store. Here are steps below on how to add Chrome extension;

Chrome Extension Via Teleparty.com

  • Visit the Teleparty website
  • Click on the install Teleparty button
  • You would be redirected to a page where you would be required to click on the add to chrome button to add Teleparty Extension
  • Click on the add to chrome, then tap on the add extension button to add

Chrome Extension Via Web Store

  • Open a new tab on your chrome web browser
  • Click on apps
  • Tap on web store
  • Enter Teleparty into the web store’s search engine
  • Click on the app
  • On the redirected page, tap on the add to chrome button
  • Click on add extension

After installing the Teleparty app, you can now open the app to organize a Netflix party for as many of your friends as you want to join you in watching an interesting movie online.

How to Host a Teleparty

Feel bored and want to have a movie night with friends? There are easy ways you can do that. But first, you have to ensure you have either a Netflix, Hulu, HBO, or Disney account to be able to stream the movie of your choice. However, with that, you can now follow these steps below to host a Teleparty;

  • After adding to chrome
  • Click on the start the party button
  • Sign in to your favorite streaming service Netflix, HBO, Hulu or Disney
  • Pick a video you want to stream
  • Invite friends
  • Enjoy your party.

If you do not have an account with any of the streaming services, you should sign up for one to be able to use Teleparty to stream movies with friends online from anywhere you are or your friends are. Already have a Netflix party and having problems joining? See below how to go about that.

How to Join Teleparty Netflix Party

A party is considered fun when people are joining it. So, therefore, if you have been invited, you should join to have fun. However, if you are new to Teleparty and then finding it difficult to join one, here are steps by which you should follow to achieve that;

  • Open The platform via the extension
  • Click on the link sent to you by your party host to be redirected to the selected movie page
  • Click on the ted button located at the top of your chrome browser to enter into the party chatroom.

Don’t just watch a movie, but grab popcorn along and enjoy watching a movie with your friends online. With this, you do not have to make a visit to a cinema as you can easily watch the movie from your comfort zone.