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Spotify iOS is a streaming music online platform that allows user download and listen to their favorite music of different genres which available on iOS. However, Spotify iOS with the newly announced major design update for iOS users. Which the app comes with a refreshed look that offers a more streamlined, easy-to-use interface with fresh designs and actionable icons. With Spotify, iOS is to make playing your favorite song or playlist as simple as tapping a button. with a simpler and more universal shuffle play button called shuffle play.

Spotify iOS - Spotify iOS Download | Spotify Premium Free iOS

Spotify iOS have all actions including like, play and download for premium users which are grouped in a row at the central part of the screen. However, downloading for listening without Wi-Fi for premium users now has a new icon with the New Green. Shuffle Play icon reduces streaming to the click one familiar button which includes the shuffle icon. The platform now shows a track’s cover art in all views except the Album view. However, this will make it easier than ever to navigate the app and find familiar songs. Also, Spotify now highlights songs you have already liked by showing the heart icon next to the track name.

Is Spotify available on iPhone?

Yes, Spotify iOS is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. When using the official Spotify app for iOS users can now access many features without a paid subscription called free mobile experience. However, Spotify’s free service also allows users to listen to the playlists they and friends have created in shuffle mode.

How do I download Spotify on iOS?

To download Spotify on iOS you will make sure your device is an iOS supported device. And you have a very good active internet connection. However, you can download the app and get a premium account which is a free add and accessible platform for users. Here are a few steps on How to download the app;

  • Launch the app in the store on your App Store on your iOS device.
  • At the homepage navigate to the bottom corner for the search bar and click on it 
  • In the search bar input, Spotify as keywords search and search
  • The app with the green and black including three lines is Spotify click on Get 
  • Proceed with the on-screen and start downloading.

Spotify iOS allows your Spotify collection for offline access which includes a playlist album that you can’t download individual songs. However, removing an album or playlist from your device. It is unfortunately not as simple once you have synced a track to your phone.