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In various of my article, I have been discussing various Marketing Channels. However, in today’s write-up, we will be discussing another marketing channel that is also very effective. The marketing strategy or Channel is known as social marketing. It is no doubt, that social media advertising is one of the most effective ways to advertise your products and services. Many business owners in today’s world, are now using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. to create awareness for their business and also generate more leads for their business. However, the traditional way of social marketing was a newspaper, billboards, etc. Now, the question, what is Social Marketing?

Social Marketing - Type & Benefit of Social Media Marketing

Social marketing involves using commercial market principles and methods to enhance/improve the wellbeing of people and the social, physical, and economic environment in which they stay. It can also be known as a well-planned, long-term approach to changing human behavior in general. The main aim of social advertising is to integrate marketing concepts and also work towards social changes. It also works with the 4ps of marketing which are price, products, place, and promotion. The impact of social media optimization is so many as its offers various services which are really helpful for the promotion of your brands and business.

Types of Social Media Marketing

Meanwhile, there are various type of social media marketing and they are also very effective in for your business promotion and also for driving more traffic to your website or platform. Below, are the Types of Social marketing:

  • Social Network such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.
  • Media Sharing e.g., Vimeo, YouTube etc.
  • Bookmarking Sites e.g., Diggs, Pinterest etc.
  • Social News e.g., Reddit etc.
  • Microblogging e.g., Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Blog Forums and Comments

The above listed, are the various types of social media which you can use to advertise your, products and services. However, you can also make use of the various social media marketing companies to increase and improve the image of your business. Also, with the paid social media advertising you can also display your product using the pay per click method. Also, with a social Influencer, you can improve and build your brand awareness.

Benefits of Social Marketing

Social Marketing is come with various benefits for your small, large or medium business. Moreover, social advertising is been used by many top leading companies to promote their business. Meanwhile, below are the benefits of social marketing:

  • Social marketing helps to build and increase your brand awareness with the help of the social media platforms.
  • It is one of the effectives ways to drive more traffic to your business
  • Social marketing also helps to target your resources effectively
  • Also, it helps to maintain or change how people behave.
  • Socialmarketing enables you to develop products, services and communication that fits people’s needs and inspiration.

Also, social media advertising helps to ensure your policy is based on an understanding of people’s lives and also setting realistic and achievable goals.

What are the social Marketing Approaches?

Social market like earlier said is a planned long-term approach. It is also a well-proven tool for influencing behavior in a sustainable and cost-effective way. However, you must understand and know the Approach of Social market so as to effectively use this tool. social media advertising actually, follows six steps which are Getting started, Scope, Develop, Implement, Evaluate and follow up. With these 6 powerful steps, you will be able to achieve all your social marketing goals.