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Snapchat is one of the most popular social networks around the world which is common among the youth and teenagers which you need to Sign up first. However, Snapchat Sign up is the first process you make if you have to enjoy the sweet and Real features on the platform. Also, the platform started as a way to send quick, self-destructing pictures and video messages. Also, it allows you to include all sorts of storytelling features and tell about your current mood.

Snapchat Sign Up - How to Create a Snapchat Account Online

Snapchat Sign up is a compulsory step every first-timer using the App for the first time, before you get to benefits from all the amazing filters. However, with the app, you could allow your friends to know your location and some of the biggest stars and business owners. Also, the platform allows you to start advertising your products but you need a Snapchat account first. You can set up an account online or right from your phone with the mobile app.

How to Sign Up on Snapchat

Before you sign up, I am very sure you could have heard about the fun on Snapchat. However, signing up on Snapchat is very easy which doesn’t need you to provide any credit card or bank information. Also, you could create your Snapchat account on the official website or the mobile app. Commonly the App is available for both Android and iOS devices which Mac and PC are also included. Here are a few steps of how to Sign Up on Snapchat;

  • Launch the Snapchat App on your device either online or the mobile app
  • At the Yellow home page, click on the blue icon with Sign up written
  • You will need to provide some of your personal information such as name, birthday, then click on Sign and continue.
  • The next page will require you to choose a username that your friends on Snapchat will indicate to you. Then click on the continue which you will need to create a password and continue.
  • Enter your phone number or email address to receive an SMS verification code. The use the code to verify the creation of your Snapchat account.

Can you use Snapchat online?                

Yes, you can use Snapchat online which is the official website of Snapchat to either Sign up for the account has the first-timer. However, if you have an existing user on the platform you can also log in through Snapchat online. This could be accessed through your mobile or PC web browser.

Snapchat is the newest means of communicating and making new friends online around the world. However, you need to Sign up before you get the opportunity to communicate and make new friend which consist of different filters.