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As the iPhone Apple Home button is not a trending platform anymore, have you thought how to use Siri on iPhone XR. However, this is a role that is been assigned to another important button rather than the home button. which there are a couple of ways you can activate Siri on iPhone XR device without not stressing yourself much. Also, Apple wouldn’t ditch the home button and all of its features without designing a new system. 

Siri on iPhone XR - How to Use Siri on iPhone XR | iPhone XR Siri

Siri on iPhone XR doesn’t need any button to access Siri Hey Siri get the job done or if you prefer not to say, Hey Siri. However, you won’t know to activate Siri Silently then keep up with this article you will get to know more about that. Also, with the iPhone XR, this new system came in three parts Face ID, Gestures and the Side Button. These three pieces work together to ensure that a buttonless iPhone display wouldn’t sacrifice usability for novelty. Connecting to Siri on the new gestures of the iPhone is very easy and simple now with no stress.

How to Activate Siri with a Button

By moving the virtual assistant to the ON/OFF button, Apple has made the side button more functional and busier. However, apart from its assistant, the power button is also use to let you sleep/wake your device, call emergency services. Here are a few steps on how to activate Siri with a button on iPhone XR;

  • To activate the Siri manually on your device
  • Simple press and hold the side button for two or three seconds.
  • After a split-second, Siri will pop right up

This type of Siri enabled will pull up the keyboard allowing you to type your questions to Siri rather than speaking them. However, if you want to talk to Siri on the iPhone. You will have to tab the dictation icon on your keyboard.

Activate Siri on your iPhone XR using your Voice.

To activate Siri using your voice Make sure you have already set up the Hey Siri on your device. Here are a few steps no how to activate Siri with your Voice;

  • Open Setting and scroll down to Siri and search
  • Listen for Siri and set it up
  • Once you have enabled it just say Hey Siri to bring the virtual assistant.

You can ask Siri on iPhone XR to send a message, play your favorite TV show on your Apple TV or start work out. Whatever it is Siri can do it for your iPhone XR and on any of your Apple devices. Also, All you have to do is say, Hey Siri.