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Do you want to have a simple but professional email for your business? If yes, then I’ve got the right email service for you. Rediffmailpro is a business email service for your business. With this email service, you get up to 5 email addresses which are also known as IDs for just Rs. Although, this email service is a paid email. But you are liable to get the best services from it. However, if you run a company either small or medium size, you can sign up for Rediffmailpro to get the very affordable cloud-based email it offers with powerful admin control, dedicated technical support, and many more.

Rediffmailpro however offers different email services. But it is different from Rediffmail. How? Rediffmail is a personal email service that can be signed up for free. While Rediffmailpro is a professional email service which although is not free but it offers you a bundle of powerful features which Rediffmail doesn’t.

On Rediffmailpro, you get to choose from three different types of email to subscribe for which include Email for Startup which starts at 23 rupees /month, Business Email which starts @ 43 rupees /Month, and Enterprise Email which starts @ 38 rupees per month. Also, aside from the subscription plans, you can book a domain for your business, check if your email is DMARC verified, SPF verified, DKIM verified, or not. Besides this email service, you can save up your resources to focus best on achieving your objectives.

Is Rediffmailpro Safe?

According to reports, Rediffmailpro has been classified with a low-risk profile as most accounts originated from it are 100% valid and safe. However, as a user, you have to enter your current password in other to access and modify any information on the email account. This however shows that Rediffmailpro is committed to giving its users the best and highest standard of security possible. So, therefore, yes! Rediffmailpro is a safe email service to subscribe to for your medium or small-sized business.

Rediffmailpro Sign Up

Signing up for Rediffmail Pro is very easy. And it also entitles you to all the unique features Rediffmailpro offers to you. Some of which include; Advanced anti-virus and spam protection, Additional IDs and when you need them, Unmatched reliability and dependability, POP3 access, and many more. The remaining features on Rediffmailpro can still be discovered and enjoyed by you if you follow these sign-up steps listed below;

  • Visit the Rediffmailpro login page
  • Click on the “New User? Get an account” link
  • Select the email you want to sign up for
  • On the redirected page, click on the buy now button
  • Enter your mobile number and your existing contact email ID
  • Select the number of IDs, GB and Years you want to subscribe for
  • Enter existing domain name or new
  • Click on the proceed button
  • Follow other instructions given to you promptly to complete your sign up.

After your sign-up is complete, to be able to access your account whenever you want, you can process the Rediffmailpro login. Compared to the signup, the login is very much easier and requires a lesser detail. See below how to process your Rediffmail login.

How to Login

Rediffmailpro login is an authentication process to enter into your Rediffmail Pro account. The login enables you to enter your account anytime you want without stress. Note that, you can’t log in without first processing the signup. So, therefore, you need to have a Rediffmail Pro account before you can process the Rediffmailpro login. Once you have created an account, here are steps below on how to login to your business email account;

  • Visit the Rediffmailpro login page
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your password and click on the login button to enter your account.

If you are using a public device, after entering your email and password, you should uncheck the remember my email on the computer box to secure your account. With these above-listed steps, you can process your Rediffmailpro login on any device using the mobile app or the website. Sign in to your Rediffmail account and enjoy your professional email account. If you need a personal account, you can also visit the Rediffmail login and sign-up page to create one for yourself.