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Rackspace Technology is an American-based company that is popularly known for helping business owners to grow and promote their business more efficiently.  Rackspace is one of the world’s leading multi-cloud solution experts.  They empower business owners and organizations to work faster, smarter, and efficiently. But aside from cloud computing and hosting services, Rackspace offers a webmail service. The Rackspace webmail is an affordable and robust business-class email. It will interest you to know that with the right email service you can promote your business and generate more revenue. Using Rackspace for your business mail will help you to communicate better with your customers.

Nevertheless, many business owners and organizations across the world and in America make use of the Rackspace webmail. It doesn’t even matter whether you run a small or a large business, Rackspace email provides you with the necessary tools to manage and organize your mail. You can access the webmail service anything and anywhere from across your desktop and mobile operating system.  With Rackspace webmail, you can send instant messages, compose messages, read and reply to messages sent to your inbox.  Rackspace Email is the most reliable, secure, and professional email for your business and organization.

Rackspace Email Plans and Pricing

However, Rackspace webmail is not free, you will need to subscribe to any of their plans before you can start making use of its services. However, Rackspace is now providing its users with 14 days of free email service. This means you get to enjoy the Rackspace webmail services for 2 weeks and after which you will start paying.  Meanwhile, there is three main email plan you can subscribe to with Rackspace.  You can either subscribe for Rack space email, Rackspace email plus, and Add Archiving. Each webmail plan has its own features and pricing.  And we will be discussing each in this section of the article.

Rackspace Email

If you trying out Rackspace webmail for the first time, it is advisable to purchase this particular plan. Rackspace email only costs $ 2.99 per month and it comes with its own features.  Some of its features include easy and free Migrations, premium spam and virus protection, 25 GB of mailboxes. It also works with Outlook, webmail, and mobile devices.  You can access this plan anywhere and at any time.

Rackspace Email Plus

Rackspace email plus comes with additional features of the Rackspace plan. Just like the first plan, it works with outlook and mobile, spam and virus protection, free and quick migration, and can be accessed anywhere. The extra features of the Plus plan are, sending of instant messages, MS office compatible apps, shared calendaring and contacts, 25 GB mailboxes, and 39 GB storage space. Also, It cost $ 3.99 per month but you can also sign up for its free trial.

Add Archiving

However, Add Archiving comes with both the Rackspace Email and plan features. It cost $ 6.99 per month.  You will get to enjoy all the features of the above-mentioned plans. The additional features of this plan are that it’s come with unlimited storage space for archived emails, messages, and attachments securely preserved. Also, you can also try out this plan for free for the next two weeks.

Rackspace Webmail Sign Up

Furthermore, Creating or signing up for a Rackspace account is affordable and the process is very easy. You can sign for 14 days free trial with the platform. Moreover, whether you want to create or register for the Rackspace email, Email plus, or Add Archiving, you can try them all for free.  To sign for an account, follow the steps and guidelines below;

  • Open your device
  • Tap on this link to visit the official sign up of Rackspace
  • On the homepage, locate and click on Begin free trial
  • Or navigate down and select a plan you will like to sign up for by clicking on Begin Free Trial
  • Enter your business or organization name
  • Input your business domain
  • Complete the personal profile page, by entering your first and last name and other necessary information
  • Create a Password
  • Confirm your password
  • Enter your account information

Finally, after entering all the necessary information and details, you will need to confirm all the information. After that, your account will be created. Make sure to carefully check the information for possible errors and make the necessary correction.

Rackspace Webmail Login

However, After creating your Rackspace account, the next step is to sign in to your account. Accessing the Rackspace Webmail account is only for those that have created an account in the past.  Meanwhile, the Rackspace email login process is simple and very simple to go about. Follow the steps and guidelines below;

  • Open your device web browser
  • Visit the official login page of Rackspace webmail
  • Enter your email address
  • Input your password
  • Tap on the Log in button

Nevertheless, once your login ID is accurate, you will automatically have access to your Rackspace webmail account. Make sure to enter the right Login ID. if not, you won’t be able to access your Rackspace webmail account. Meanwhile, note that Rackspace webmail login can also be carried out via the Mobile App.