Quest Card – Apply For Quest Card | Quest Card Balance

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does the quest card sound familiar to you? If not, then the quest card is a debit like a card that is funded with your Foodshare benefits every month. However, the quest card could be use just like EBT which magnetically encodes for payment. And can be use at most groceries’ stores and some farmer’s markets to purchase foods and groceries. Also, it can be use for eligible Community support agriculture (CSA). Where the producer and consumer within the food system connect more closely which allows the consumer to subscribe to the harvest of a particular farm or group of farms.

Quest Card - Apply For Quest Card | Quest Card Balance

With the Quest card, you can health foods and crops such as fruits and vegetables, bread and cereals, meats, fish, and poultry. However, you could also use the quest card for dairy, eggs, and seeds plants to grow food for your family to eat. Also, users are suppose to know that they can use the card to purchase non-food items such as paper goods, alcohol, or tobacco products. Which also includes vitamins, medicine, or pre-prepared foods like hot deli food. You can check your balance on your Quest card by looking at the bottom of your last receipt or calling the platform customer services.

how do I apply for a quest card?

Before you could apply for a quest card then you must have been eligible for receiving Foodshare benefits. However, FoodShare is another benefit just like a Food stamp that helps almost all Wisconsin residents buy their groceries. Also, after being eligible and you apply for the Foodshare benefits which you must be a U.S citizen or legal permanent resident of at least 5 years. And you are Wisconsin resident and you meet gross monthly income guidelines. After approval, you will receive the quest card which you will use to always receive your Foodshare benefits every month. And use to purchase healthy foods which include fruits and vegetables.   

How to Get the FoodShare Benefits?

The FoodShare Wisconsin is create to stop hunger and improve nutritional and good health means for the citizen. However, the main purpose is to help people with limited money yo buy the food. They need good health every month. Also, the FoodShare benefit comes with a quest card. Which is available to purchase the foods at the end of the month. 

FoodShare is the Wisconsin version of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that provides food benefits. Give access to a healthy diet and education on food preparation and nutrition to low-income households and individuals.

Users applying for the FoodShare benefits apply through a friendly Foodshare helpline staff which is very fast. However, after the approval users get their card immediately and wait for the monthly allowance to purchase healthy foods.

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