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If you are a good online shopper you should have come across PayPal which is a faster and safer way to send or receive money and Donation. However, make an online payment or set up a merchant account in which all transfers and transactions made on this platform are all in seconds. Also, PayPal Donations is an online donation and event fundraising which is easy and secure.

PayPal Donations - Can you use PayPal to accept donations | How do I set up a PayPal account for donations

PayPal Donations is categorized into different stages which means different stages of making donations which could be for personal use, a nonprofit donation which could be for charity, school payment solutions which is a perfect means of receiving educational related payments and political campaign Donations which serves has political means support. PayPal Fundraising can be made anywhere and anywhere in the world.

Can you use PayPal to accept Donations?

PayPal is one of the fast, easy and secure means of starting a Donation around the world which you can easily give your donors several ways of paying you either by credit or debit card or other supported means of payment on PayPal. Yes, you can use PayPal for Donations by adding a donate button to your website, blog or create an email, which the donation process will just take less than 15 minutes to make payment with the donors just clicking on the donate button or link to choose a payment method available for them. Using PayPal makes every category of donation very much easier.

How do I set up an Account for Donations?

To set up a PayPal account for Donations you must create an account with PayPal or login to your account to continue setting up your PayPal account. Also, setting up your PayPal Donation account is very simple and easy. Here are a few steps on how to set up your PayPal account for Fundraising;

  • Login or create a PayPal account 
  • Select any categories of fundraising you setting up your PayPal account with
  • For non-profit fundraising which is for a charitable organization, you will need to provide the legal organization name. Date established and website URL if available should be entered in the available field required.
  • Provide a Tax ID or personal social security number (SSN), primary contact information and an optional business address. Then click the Agree and Continue button 
  • Next stage you will need to provide your banking information. So that every money from PayPal account will be to your checking or savings account.

non-profit organizations will need to select the correct category such as political, educational, charity religious or more. Which they will need to supply backup documentation to support the nonprofit status. PayPal donations are one of the best ways to donate to less privileged around the world.