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Onedrive for business allows users to firmly share information and control some levels of security through direct access or links for editing or viewing files. This can also be done at the folder level within Onedrive to enable access to a set of files within the drive. The Onedrive for business can be accessed anywhere, can store easily, discover your Individual and shared work files in Microsoft.  You can also have the personal Onedrive and also the business one on the same laptop.

It is also a place in the cloud where you can store, share, and match up all work files. The latest version of the Onedrive business now is v6.40; you can join the Onedrive preview for android and get early access to the new features in the Onedrive android app. However, the previous Onedrive for business ended on January 11, 2021. So users could no longer match up files in Microsoft by using Groove.exe.

Difference Between OneDrive and OneDrive Business

The Onedrive business is actually for personal storage that you get when you set up a Microsoft account such as outlook. You can use the one drive to save documents. Photos and other files in the cloud while the Onedrive is one part of office 365 that gives you a place in the cloud where you can share, store, and match up all work files. You can get this Onedrive through your Microsoft accounts.

Is OneDrive for Business Free?

No, it is not a free product, so the companies have to buy licenses to run it. This means in the other sense, using the Onedrive for business involves some cost. It offers pre-modern features in contrast with those available with the free version of the Onedrive. The storage allocation limit depends on the SharePoint platform that your company uses.


There are lots of benefits you get from the Onedrive for benefits which includes

  • Organizational platform for files
  • Free up device storage
  • Sharable content across teams, large or small
  • Securely store files and information
  • Customable match up experience for the admin
  • Renders files available from anywhere for partnership
  • Support multimedia
  • Tightly merge with other Microsoft products which also includes the 365

You can start sharing and editing rights at either folders or document levels meaning you can start joint effort with colleagues either inside or outside your organization. You can simply work on cloud-shared files instead.

How To Get The OneDrive For Business

You can get the Onedrive for business with the following steps below and make sure they are followed discreetly or you will have a problem with getting it.

  • Go to Microsoft office 365, tap on the settings at the top right of the screen, and select settings office 365 in the menu
  • Click on the install button and manage software, you will be taken to the installation page of Onedrive for business
  • Select the language and start the installation

After you have done all this, the Onedrive will be installed successfully on either your PC, Android, or iPhone device.

How To Login

For you to sign in or log in to your Onedrive account is very simple if only you follow the steps correctly but, if not it not going to be really simple and easy as you think. The following are ways you can log in to your account

  • Go to the Onedrive.com and select the sign in at the top of the page
  • Enter you Microsoft account which is either Xbox, outlook and so on and select next
  • Type your password and select login

Once you have signed in successfully you can now explore and share, store and do other things on the Onedrive for business account.