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Messenger Vanish Mode 2021- How to Disable Vanish Mode on Messenger | Vanish Mode on Facebook Messenger. This webpage is used all around the world globally. Users are much interested in the app features because it’s a way to keep your conversation a secret from people. The app has also been updated with more features to easy messaging it doesn’t matter the application use on it. Instagram also adopted the features to increase more features. This is to enable them to save guard their personal chat from people to view it.

Facebook Messenger Vanish Mode - How to Disable Facebook Messenger Vanish Mode
Facebook Messenger Vanish Mode – How to Disable Facebook Messenger Vanish Mode

However, these are the features added to Facebook vanish mode. It was recently introduced and added to Facebook and Instagram features.

  • Selfie stickers: this app was added to make the app’s cameral look more different with stickers filters to make the user get access to it and take pictures and post.
  • Watch together
  • Chat colors: this feature was added to make the wall of the app look beautiful to your taste by changing the wallpapers as desired.
  • Custom emoji reactions: custom emoji are cartoon characters used to express yourself. When you’re short of the world or could be used to show the kind of mood you feeling. It adds more content to your chat expression.
  • Message controls this for users to control how to receive and send messages also.
  • Vanish mode: this is a timer code set to delete messages immediately after they are viewed.

About Facebook Messenger Vanish Mode 2021

Facebook messenger vanish mode 2021 this app was set up in the messenger app as a timer which is always used to delete the message. If the timer stops ticking then all the messages would be unsent completely. It is easy to use. Also, to activate this app is used based on the kind of chat you have and won’t want anyone else to see your sensitive messages. This happens when your message has been sent to the receiver. Then the message automatically disappears from your chat. This app is not only used on the face alone. It is also in the Instagram app feature it deletes messages instantly from your chat leaving your chat blank. And if you don’t want the app you can change it completely.

What is the meaning of Facebook vanish messenger mode? This means when a Facebook messenger user sets a timer remover on a message so that anytime your friends send a message you will view it and immediately it disappears from your list. It could be a kind of secret conversation that you don’t want anyone else to view on your phone. It depends on the kind of timer vanish mode you set. However, It could be that you set the mode to an hour, day, week, month, or by time after then your messages deleted.

How to Stop Messenger from Deleting your Messages

Firstly, make sure android devices are connected to network services or Wi-Fi connections if not you won’t gain access to your messenger app.

  • Go to messenger open the chat
  • Click on the contact name or view the messenger chat setting.
  • Then tap on the disappearing messages, your chat setting won’t include a timer icon.
  • You would see that the chat will show an alert notification that the timer has been removed completely.
  • Then when you chat your messages won’t get deleted instantly from your messenger chat.

For any of your friends that sent a message, there will not be a timer on it.