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LinkedIn Pulse is an online news feed within LinkedIn that is made available for members to share self-published content with their audience. However, we all know LinkedIn is one very great platform that allows professionals to meet each other and interact. Also, LinkedIn pulse generates news stories, blog posts and insights from businesses and individuals. That is looking for a medium to build their profile and extend their reach with their target audience online. Which publishing content on Linked for Business owners and professionals is a good way to build a reputation. Increase trust and reach a wider range of audiences.

LinkedIn Pulse - Publishing on LinkedIn Pulse | LinkedIn Pulse Channels

Linked Pulse is made available for an individual to ensure users receive content they want to see and the audience will also be able to search for stories of interest by category. And popularity based on who their influencers are which the Linked Pulse was originally available for well-known influencers. Such as David Edelman, Richard Branson and Peter Guber who used the platform to share their insights with followers. However, LinkedIn members can always able to publish their content for businesses which is a good way to share knowledge and build their credibility. LinkedIn is a platform with over 380 million members and is one of the top 10 websites with the most traffic on the internet.

How to publish on LinkedIn Pulse to connect with your audience?

Before you publish on any kind of content on the platform you need to know what you want to share if it insider advice or to strengthen your brand. However, you need to get your game plan well to get the purpose. Of publishing on LinkedIn Pulse with your audience. Here are a few steps on how to publish on Linkedin Pulse;

  • Choose a message and start writing
  • Create and add an image in which all Linked Pulse posts allow users to upload a heard picture. The best size to upload is 600 x 322 pixels or the double of this size.
  • Write your headline which should be an eye-catching headline
  • Finalize the post and publish your post.

Is LinkedIn a blog?

A LinkedIn blogging platform is the Linked Pulse which is located under the interests Menu on your LinkedIn page. However, Linked users can choose to publish a post just as the would do on their won blog. At any time but you must have a LinkedIn account. Also, it is even possible to publish a complete blog post directly to your LinkedIn homepage.

To publish on LinkedIn pulse make sure your content is correct and find the most searchable keywords related to your topic. However, this will increase the chances of your audience clicking on your content.