Do you want to send money to your love ones? Do you know about Quickteller which Interswitch just got a partnership with Visa, so Quickteller accepts Visa Card transactions. However, Interswitch Quickteller allows users to seamlessly send money to anyone, anytime, anywhere irrespective of their bank. Also, users also get entitled to a free eCash account and get there are no transaction fees. When sending money to friends and family who have eCash. Also, you get to pay your everyday bills to form the comfort of your home or office to renew your cable TV. And Internet subscriptions, pay for electricity, flight tickets and more.

Interswitch Quickteller - Interswitch Paypoint | Quickteller Mobile

To get on this platform you need to Sign up online or download the App in any available App store such as Android and iOS respectively. However, the Quickteller App makes it easy to buy airtime from any mobile network including Airtime for international mobile networks. Interswitch Quickteller transactions are secured with two-factor authentication. Also, there is no limit to your options with over 2,00 billers on the platform. There’s hardly anything you can’t pay for on Interswitch Quickteller.

How do you use Interswitch Quickteller?

The Quickteller App is the app version of the Quickteller official website which is a mobile payment on the Go. However, with Interswitch Quickteller all you need to do to carry out transactions is an ATM card issued by your bank. And activation of the ATM Card on the app or at the ATM which you could do at any ATM point or through your Quickteller app. Here are a few steps on how to use Interswitch Quickteller on an ATM;

  • Visit any ATM center 
  • Insert your card and select a quick teller which will ask you some onscreen questions.
  • Select “Pay bills” and choose your account type then select others
  • After that enter 322222 as the payment code and enter your phone number as a customer reference.
  • Accept the transaction fees displayed and follow prompts to complete the activation.

How do I open a Quickteller account?

You can create an Interswitch Quickteller account either online or with the App which is very simple and easy to create. However, after you create an account with the platform then you can now make transactions on the platform non-stop. Here are a few steps on how to create an Interswitch Quickteller account;

  • Launch any web browser on either your mobile phone or computer.
  • Go to the official website 
  • At the homepage navigate and click on Sign up and wait.
  • On the next page, you will be asked to enter some personal information about yourself which will a strong password for your account.
  • And enter a referred name then click on Sign up.

Interswitch Quickteller allows you access to quick loans with no collateral or elaborate documentation required just your transaction history. However, global shopping allows you to shop over 120 leading UK/US stores and have items delivered to your doorsteps with DHL.


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