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Do you want to show yourself doing something and then you want thousands of people to see you? There’s a way you can do that. With the population on Instagram, you can show yourself live on the social media called Instagram. However, Instagram live enables its users to showcase themselves and an event for free. You can also go live on Instagram to show an incident you are witnessing at the moment and then you also feel other people need to see it too. Although to go live on Instagram doesn’t require much, all you just need to have is an Instagram account and followers that would watch you. Hence, how to watch Instagram live stream give more about how to do most viewed count video or Photo on IG.

Instagram Live - How to Access & watch Instagram IG Live

Furthermore, most celebrities use Instagram live to show themselves to their fans and audiences. If you don’t want to use ads, you can go live on IG to show people your abilities and products. However, you can also view people’s live broadcasts and do your own live shows too. Using Instagram Live, you even get to select the people you want to watch your Instagram live shows. You should read further as more about Instagram live would be explained in this article.

How do I Access Instagram Live?

The Instagram live is very easy to get to and access. There are some simple steps you can take to achieve this. However, these steps would be listed below for people that want to go live and does not know how to. Also, with these steps you can show yourself live on the Instagram social media and do live broadcast of events and happenings around you. Here are the steps you can follow to do Instagram live shows;

  • Ensure you have an Instagram account
  • Go to the Instagram camera
  • Below, swipe to the left till you get to the live camera button
  • You can select whatever filters you want for your Instagram live show
  • Then click on the camera button to start your live streaming.

Before you proceed into this, you will see the number of your followers that are active. That would determine if you should save the ig live broadcast for audiences to watch later or not. Although, the choice of saving still depends on you. You can save the ig live show for your followers or new followers to watch you whenever they come online on Instagram. Note that, you can’t do ig live shows using your desktop devices. You however need a mobile device to do and perform your Instagram live shows.

How do I view people’s Instagram Live Show?

Before you can view a person ig live show, you have to follow the person first. Then after that, anytime the person makes live shows, you will be notified. Some people, set their Instagram account to private so that they can know who is following them as they get the follow request notification. Therefore, without your follow request being accepted, you cannot view their live shows on Instagram. Here are the steps you can follow to view ig live shows;

  • You will be notified if a person you follow has started a live show.
  • To view, click on the person Instagram profile picture
  • Then stream till the live video is over.

You can follow your favorite celebrity to stream their live shows on IG. However, you can also stream a live show that is already over if the person saved it to their stories which is available for 24 hours, IGTV, or added it to their highlights. You can also do yours that way for people to rewatch later and in case you get new followers, they can also watch too.

How do I join the IG Live Video

This has been the most difficulties IG users faced. Whereby, they find it hard to send a request to join live videos of their loved ones or friends they follow. Therefore, this gives you the opportunity to learn about how to join IG live with friends. Meanwhile, when you notice that a friend of yours is live on IG you can send them a request to join the live video. This can be done by access your Instagram App or site, then click on the friend life video you wish to join. Also, tap on the “Request” button in the comment section. immediately, you will see a confirmation that your friend has accepted your request. Then, you can both join and communicate with each other through the help of IG live.