Instagram is a very good platform that allows people around the world socializes and also serves as a means of marketing with the current features of Dark mode. However, Instagram Dark mode is an alternative color scheme that is available for the former Instagram’s usual white interface. Also, the new color features were introduced to help improve the user’s phone’s battery life if you are a heavy user of the platform. The research was made that the white mode draws measurable more power than the dark mode, especially with AMOLED screens.

Instagram Dark Mode - How To Turn On Dark Mode On Instagram

The Instagram dark mode was made possible after the research that dark mode reduces eye strain particularly night due to reduced glare. However, the Dark mode is very good and looks good for your device which you mostly use every day. Also, other social media platform has all offered the Dark modes features such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. For users to have the Dark mode they must have the latest version of the Mobile operating system. Which is Android 10 or iOS 13 to enjoy the dark modes where your screen will be a darker appearance both on Android and iPhone.

How to Turn On Dark Mode On Instagram

The Instagram dark mode is one of the best means to reduce Instagram’s Power usage and also conserve mobile data while you are using the app. However, we all know when you keep scrolling Instagram preloads images and videos but with the dark modes features, you can reduce this. Here are a few steps on how to turn on Dark mode on Instagram;

On iPhone

  • Go to your iOS app store and update your Instagram
  • Open your phone settings and select Display and brightness.
  • Tap on Dark to change the theme.
  • Then launch Instagram.

On Android.

  • Update your Instagram app on the Google play store.
  • Then proceed to your phone settings and select Display and brightness.
  • Tap on Dark to change the theme,
  • And relaunch Instagram on your Android device.

How to Update your Instagram for Dark Mode?

Before most users can use the Dark mode features on you just need to update your Instagram app. Or download the app if you don’t have it on your device. However, Instagram Night mode allows users to get a clean and better view of pictures and videos. Here are a few steps on how to update your Instagram App;

  • Launch your App Store on your device and click on the search icon.
  • Search for Instagram if you need to update the app.
  • You will see the notification beside the app. click on update
  • The app will be updated immediately.

Instagram is a platform where users get to share photos and videos and also catch the fun of their favorite celebrity. However, the Instagram night mode is a user choice if you still want to stick to the light version you are still good.


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