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How do I get Netflix for free OR how to watch Netflix for free? on the contrary, Netflix is an online streaming services and also has it’s Mobile Netflix app as well. As we all know that Netflix is one of the best streaming services which supply users with a great movie and tv series content. And also, with original Movies, Tv series, Hollywood, Bollywood in Hindi that can’t be watch or download anywhere else. However, get Netflix for free or watch Netflix for free has to do with some following guide and steps. Hence, there are lot of features users will be able to benefit once they are able to access the Netflix online services or mobile app. However, Netflix allows users to stream and download popular movies, latest upload movies, new movies with their favorite artists.

How to Get Netflix for Free - Netflix Free Account 2020

Furthermore, in order to get Netflix for free, you need to become a member of a Netflix account. whereby, you need to sign up for an account either with the Netflix online services or mobile app. Nevertheless, Netflix only grants its new users after they are able to open an account with a free plan of 30day. To watch, stream his or her favorites Action movies, Arcade, animation, comedy, latest 2020 movies, Hollywood & Bollywood movies. Hence, once the free plan varnish you will be charged to renew your Netflix account Which costs as much as $16 per month and also $190 per year.

About Netflix Free Account 2020

In addition, a Netflix account allows you to sign up and login then choose a plan that will fit you. then you have free access to a one-month free subscription to stream and download movies for free from the Netflix categories. nevertheless, this one-month subscription allows you to test how the platform services work before you will pay for other months

Applying for a free Netflix Account

There are ways, steps, procedure, and geode which you need to follow to get your Netflix account for free. You don’t have to stress yourself or get too worried just follow the steps below to watch your favorite movies show in Netflix account.

  • Firstly, you need to get a free trial by using Netflix for 30 days without payment.
  • Use the virtual card for users who used their credit cards you can create a virtual card to access your Netflix account.
  • Use Netflix cookies that is getting more people to get connected to Netflix account
  • Share your friend’s account
  • Free subscription with mobile networks 

As you can see it an easy process to get a free Netflix account which might take some time but you have to endure it.

How Can I Get Netflix for free 30-day Trial

Signing up for a new Netflix 30-day free trial which also means a month subscription for free. It easy and simple all you have to do is follow the guideline below to get your free subscription.

  • Login into your Netflix account if you have the account installed on your mobile device or pc and if you don’t create and login into the account immediately.
  • Then enter your email address on the homepage screen
  • Click on try 30 days free
  • Tap on the continue button
  • Then create a Netflix password which must be strong enough
  • Select and choose the plan you want
  • Click on continue
  • Enter your payment details
  • And tap on the start on the membership button

If you followed the steps according to then you have your free 3o days to use your Netflix account for free. However, you can get a free trial Netflix account for a second time or as long as you wish without paying for the account. All you need to do is sign up with a different email address then click on the 30-day free trial immediately. you will get your account restored and you will be able to continue watching nonstop movies on Netflix online.

Netflix Account Plan Prices

This is the amount you need to pay for a Netflix account in different categories as you can see in the table below

Membership PlanMonthly Cost

     Basic                            $8.99

     Standard                     $12.99

    Premium                     $15.99

How Can I Change My Current Netflix Plan?

You can change your Netflix plan whenever you feel like it will just take a few minutes process to change this plan. Follow the instruction below to change your plans.

  • Go to your Netflix account page
  • Then click on the change plan under the plan details categories.
  • After that choose your new plan
  • And select update or continue
  • Click on the confirm button

If you want to change your Netflix account plans you will have to sign up then login into your Netflix account before you can get access to change your plans. You can upgrade to either the basic, standard, or premium Netflix plan.