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Facebook group is a portal used for opening new groups for people to join and share ideas. In other to communicate with different common interests and achievements to make out from it. Most times this group is used to promote business, to notify their customers about the new product to be out or already out for them to purchase. Also, events to be made known yet can be announced to them in the group for members to attend. giving a new update about what happens and what is about to happen with pictures also indicating the kind of business products you selling.
How to Create Facebook Group - Use Facebook Groups to Grow Your Business Account | Facebook Groups for Business Online
How do you create a group on Facebook, there are many ways to create a group on Facebook. It might be either a messenger chat group or a Facebook group for posting. There is a guideline that you must know when creating a group of your own be it a private or public group for posting. A normal group chat for friends to communicate with as much as more than 100 people online in group chat. Also, you can continue to add more to increase the group because there is no limit when adding new members to your group

How to Create a Facebook Group

  • Firstly, login into your Facebook account on your android devices go to your activities log in and log out
  • Tap on the group option
  • Then click on the create group icon at the top right hand of the Facebook page at the right hand of your mobile devices or computer
  • Then fill in the name of the group you want to create, choose the privacy option if it is a public or private group you want to create
  • Set a profile picture for your group it will add more meaning to the post you creating
  • After you have done that click on the create group icon at the top

How to Add People to your Group on Facebook

There are many ways you can add people to a Facebook group such as sending links to people on your friend list
  • Go to your group page at the front of your Facebook homepage
  • Click on the invite friend’s icon at the top of your Facebook homepage
  • When it opens select and choose the friends you want to add to the group
  • You can as well chat them up also to tell them to join the group link sent to them because people will ignore and will not join the group.

How to Create a Business Facebook Account Group

Create ting this group leads to so many advantages because there are lots of benefits you will get. There are attractions added to the business app when you open such a group. To open this group is easy and simple to do just follow the steps and open your own business Facebook group account.