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Have you heard about an interesting movie name house of the dragon that the first episode is scheduled to come out in 2022? This movie is based on fire and blood which is by George R.R Martin and composed by Ramin Djawadi. The house of the dragon is an American fantasy drama television series about a Targaryen civil war that happened 300 years.  The house of the dragon is the prologue of the movie game of thrones. However, this drama series will be shown on HBO and HBO max soon. Also in other words the house of the dragon is the prelude series of the movie game of throne.

The house of dragon drama series is actually set before the event of the game of thrones which is 200 years before and it tells about the story of house Targaryen. The Targaryen is actually the event that led to the Targaryen civil war and it is well known as the dance of the dragons. in October 2019 house of the dragon received a straight-to-series order for them to begin casting beginning from July 2020 and in  April 2021 for principal beginning in the united kingdom.

What Is House Of The Dragon Based On?

Based on the book written by thrones author George R.R martin that details the Targaryen dynasty or the first 140 years, the house of the dragon is based on fire& blood. The dance of the dragons which is the other name for the famous Targaryen is what the house of dragons is set to focus on.

What Is The Plot Of House Of The Dragons?

The drama series is actually focused on the dance of the dragons which is the second known name for an infamous event in Westeros history. after the death of viserys I which is the father to Aegon II and Rhaenyra there was a civil war between them over who had the right to the throne.

What Houses Are In The House Of Dragon?

There are really not so many houses in the houses of the dragon. Therefore, they are four houses in the house of the dragon are they named, house velaryon, vaemond velaryon, laenor velaryon, laena velaryon as they are called.

Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a drama series created and brought down by David Benioff and D. B Weiss for HBO. it Is also a fantasy drama shown on television and is acted by Americans. The story is based on a song of ice and fire which is written by George R.R Martin.  The drama show was shot in seven different places namely the United Kingdom, Canada, Morocco, Spain, Croatia, Malta, and lastly Iceland. the show was then ended on the 19th of May 2019 after being premiered on HBO in the united states with over 73 episodes broadcast and eight seasons have done. However, this story is a fantasy, as you take a look at the bloody, twisted and unfortunate history that actually inspired the song of ice and fire and game of thrones.