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Google is a great platform that has introduced many services fusers around the around, which Hangouts is now part of the G-suite line which consists of Google Meet and Google Chat. However, Google Meet Hangouts is a video conferencing app that is the business-oriented version of google hangouts. Also, the platform is suitable for business of all sizes that integrates with G-suite versions of Google Calendar and Gmail. By showing a complete list of participants and schedules meetings, the platform is simple, frictionless video meetings from Google.

Google Meet Hangouts - Download Google Meet App | Share Screen Google Hangout

Google Meet Hangouts is an app that allows the organization to collaborate and develop relationships with your team and partners regardless of where they are in the world. However, the platform produces a High-definition video and audio meetings with to 25O participants. Also, users get to access the Google Meet Hangouts very easily and share the link which anyone could join with a click from a desktop or Mobile App. International team and partners dial-in numbers to any meeting for a team member who prefers to call in. integration with a calendar for seamless scheduling and easy access to meetings details and calendar attachments from your Meet Video Call. Anyone Can join a meeting on Google Meet Via Invitation But some Capabilities are available only to G-suite customers.

How many people can join a Google meet?

With the recent update from Google, the platform now allows more than 250 participants at once which doubles the previous limit. However, Google Meet Hangouts need a camera that allows others to see you during the video meetings. Also, it includes a microphone from your mobile phone or computer so others could hear you during meetings.

How to Download the Google Meet Hangouts App?

Users could download the App on their mobile devices which is common for businesses around the world to be able to use the app anywhere or anytime. However, People inside your organization or business can always join as long as they are signed in to their G Suite accounts such as their Gmail account at work or school. Here are a few steps on how to download the Google Meet Hangout app;

On Android;

  • Launch the Google play store on your android device.
  • At the homepage of the website click on the search bar and enter your keyword.
  • Apps will be shown the app with a white and green icon showing a video icon.
  • Click on download and wait to download the finish and install it immediately.

On iPhone;

  • Launch the iOS app store on your device to
  • Navigate to the bottom corner and click on the search bar to input your keyword.
  • Apps will be shown the app with a white and green icon showing a video icon.
  • Click on Get and wait for the on-screen instructions to start downloading.

What is the difference between Google Hangouts and Google meet?

Google Meet is available to serve as a business-friendly alternative to hangout which focused on messaging, voice and video chat application. However, Google Mett offers group video calls not just Video chat but with an expanded capacity of participants. While hangout is available to 10 people but Google Meet support meetings with High Def Video. 

Google Meet Hangouts allow a screen sharing to present documents, spreadsheets or presentations to your workers or business partners. However, the platform is a standard-based video conferencing application using a proprietary protocol for video and audio.