What is Google Fiber? Google has introduced a high-speed internet service to everyone across the country. The service is unique because of its high speed. It runs up to 1000 Mbps, with a monthly pricing scheme. However, the Google fiber speed test delivers high-speed connectivity to businesses and individuals in various selected cities. Google aims at providing a great customer service experience for customers who are making use of Google fiber. Also, Google fiber location was chosen to deliver the best performance for your home network with your fiber connection.

Google Fiber - Google Fiber Account | Google Fiber Speed Test

However, Google Fiber, is currently operating in 18 cities namely, Georgia, Austin, Texas, North Carolina, Atlanta, Charlotte, San Francisco, Chicago, Denver, Colorado, etc. although, there are some cities Google fiber was pulled out from and they are, Kentucky, Boston, Louisville, and Massachusetts. However, Google’s fibers price varies by region. But customers should expect to pay $50/per month for 100 Mbps and $70/per month for 1000 Mbps. Google fibers price is billed monthly with no annual service contracts, fees for rental equipment, or monthly data caps. This service makes low-cost plans available for residents within certain neighborhoods of their service area. Plans offered to these areas are faster

Google Fiber Availability

Google fiber was initially available in 18 countries, but it has increased its Horizons by adding 11 more countries.  It generally expanded neighborhood by neighborhood in these areas. So, having access to google fibers test depends on your location. Although, it is not available everywhere yet. However, fiber is now available in the following countries. Boston, Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City, Miami, Louisville, Los Angeles, Nashville, Oklahoma City, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Tampa, Austin, Charlotte, Huntsville, Jacksonville, Oakland, Orange city, Phoenix, Portland, Provo, San Antonio.

Benefits of Signing Up for Google Fiber

Am sure you all want to know the benefits of signing up for Google fiber. It is an efficient and reliable source for internet connection. It is similar to your Wi-Fi. But only that it is more 3x faster. However, you can sign up for google fibers and see other amazing benefits. But before then, check this out.

  • When you sign up for fibers, you instantly receive 1 terabyte of free storage space on Google Drive across Gmail and Google Photos
  • You don’t have to make a payment until you are sure Google fibers are installed in your home.
  • You can also change your service plan at any time that is if there are other plans available in your google fibers location.
  • With all their plans, there are no data caps and no rental fees for your Network Box

In conclusion, google wants all its customers to get the most from their connection. And also, to put a smile on their faces. They know the importance of satisfying their customers.

How to get a Google Fiber Account

Getting a fiber account is quite easy. If you live in an eligible address you are good to go. However, you have to complete a two-step process to sign up for Fiber services. You are also free to schedule an installation appointment, isn’t this amazing? Follow the steps below to sign up for google fiber account.

  • Open your preferred web browser
  • Visit fibers.google.com
  • Select Check Eligibility or select the map icon.
  • Enter your address and Zipcode
  • If you are eligible, follow the on-screen instructions and start the sign-up process.

In conclusion, note that you will choose your plan, and agree to the terms and conditions provided by Google. After that, you can enter a payment method.  I hope this article was helpful.


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