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Google voice typing Is a process in which one can just do some recording of their voice and send without them typing or if they don’t like typing. There is an avenue for people who are suffering from some repetitive strain injury and can’t be able to type or for those who are not conversant with typing. Google docs allow its user to use voice typing in order to dictate using a computer microphone.

Google Docs Voice Typing - Using Voice Typing with Google Docs

Currently, Google Docs Voice Typing can only be accessed if you are using Google chrome and presently is only available in Google Docs and the speaker notes for Google slides. However, Google Voice Typing is a free dictation tool for Google Doc and Google Slides, Google’s online word processor and presentation apps. Besides, Google Voice is an app that does everything from work as an intelligent phone system to voice typing in Google Docs. It works on all your devices.

How to Use Voice Typing in Google

In order for you to have access to the Google Docs Voice Typing firstly you have to be sure that the microphone is installed well and working perfectly. Once you are able to set up the microphone, open the google chrome and go to Google Docs. or better still on the search bar in chrome enter docs. new to enable you to start up a new document if necessary. Activating your voice typing click on the Tools voice typing, or click on Ctrl + Shift + S in Windows or Command + Shift + S in macOS. Next is the microphone icon which will appear, click on it, and then you are good to dictate and you can also move or drag the tool to where ever you want it to be.

On using the voice typing for your first time you will need to give chrome access to enable you to make use of your microphone. In other for you to be able to get your native tongue click on the three dots and select the language below from all the languages listed down. Make sure you select the right language to enable that when you speak out the tool can understand everything you say and then it appears down in your document. The Google Docs Voice Typing grants access to your voice immediately, so when you finished listening or speaking be assure that you have clicked on the microphone to stop.

The Google Docs Voice Typing can easily understands when you are about to use punctuation in your document by using these phrases like,

  1. Comma
  2. Period
  3. Question mark
  4. New paragraph
  5. New line
  6. Exclamation mark.

Using Google Voice Typing Commands

In order for users to be able to use the Google Docs Voice Typing, you need to be conversant with the tools. And using Google Docs Voice Typing does not only end with typing alone and punctuation. It can be used for various things like editing, and formatting text and paragraphs inside your document with the process of not clicking anything in the toolbar. And the voice commands are only available in English on Google Docs, both the account and document language must always be in English and they are not available also in slides speaker notes. Possible you make a mistake when you say something all you have to do is just click on the backspace to remove the word or say Delete.

Other Google Docs Voice Typing

Change font size; On this process you can make bigger, make smaller, increase font size or decrease font size.

Selecting text: make selection of {word, phrase, next paragraph, next word, last word, all, next line,}

Edit your document: check all your document by copy, paste, {word or phrase} insert {table of contents equation, header, page break, footer, delete, bookmark}

Format your document: be able to apply heading {1-6}, apply normal text, italicize, italics, apply normal text, underline.

Move around your document: move to next/previous {character ,word, headline, misspelling, paragraph, row, page} Go to start /end of {column, row, document, line, paragraph}