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As we all know, Dark Mode is a feature on chrome browser but how to enable it is what a lot of people find difficult. Especially the ones who don’t know that the dark mode feature is now available on chrome. But right here in this article, you would discover that enabling google chrome Dark mode on your browser is very easy.

Google Chrome as generally known is a very fast and easy to use and well-secured web browser designed for your mobile and also your desktop device. Chrome brings you answers to questions you ask, different uploaded articles, and many more things you want that you must have entered into the search engine. But do you know that google chrome dark mode helps the eyes when browsing without having to reduce your device brightness? How? google chrome dark mode and Light exposure help you with the eye strain that comes with the prolonged screen time.

Undoubtedly, a lot of us these days prefer to browse at night when everyone is asleep and most of us use chrome. However, with the google chrome dark mode browser, you can reduce the reflection of light coming from your phone screen to disenable it from disturbing your roommate and affecting your sight with Dark mode. Want to try this out? Then check out how to go about it on your desktop and mobile device below.

Google Chrome Dark Mode on Desktop

To do this is however very easy. For desktop devices users that prefer chrome as their web browser wants to try out this new feature which you can still change back to the normal light mode if you do not seem comfortable with google chrome dark mode. And trust me, these steps are easy and unforgettable. Try it out with the steps that would be listed for you below after first installing chrome browser on your device. These steps include;

  • Open your chrome browser
  • Enter a keyword into the search engine and click on the search button
  • On the search page, locate and click on the settings icon.
  • Scroll down to click on dark theme off and click on it to switch it on.

If you want to turn it off follow the steps listed above and click on the dark theme to switch back to light mode. You can do this anytime you want as it costs nothing and is very hassle-free and it’s also quick to respond.

On Mobile Device

A lot of us are more familiar with mobile devices than desktop devices. And mobile devices are always brought closer to our eyes compared to desktop devices. So, therefore, there is a tendency that the bright light coming from our mobile screen could affect our eyes. But this can however be brought to an end most especially when browsing by enabling google chrome dark mode with these steps listed below;

  • Open the chrome app on your device
  • Click on the vertically arranged 3 dots
  • Scroll down to the settings link and click on it
  • Scroll again to locate theme and click
  • Tap on the dark button to change to dark mode

If you want to switch to light, you can follow the above-listed steps but instead of dark, you should click on the link button. With this, you can now enjoy using your chrome in a different theme and change anytime you want. Do not keep this, also share with friends to help them discover this.