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If you need a campaign builder to serve as an email marketing then Gmass is the best for users within Gmail and Google inbox. However, the platform allows you to make the email service enhance with some more powerful features. Where users could even break the sending of image and mail limit that the best features of Gmass. Also, you could send and create emails on the Gmass which also allow the features of extracting email addresses from previous conversations within your Gmail account.

GMass - How To Create A GMass mail Account | Gmass Emails

Gmass allows users to create a Visually appealing email where you can compose your message as you would create any other with images to explain better. However, the platform allows you to attach documents and other files as well when sending a mail. Also, Gmass can integrate with Google sheets where you can upload your email lists to ease yourself from stress. When you have not to get a reply from people who you sent a mail and the platform goes into autopilot mode and sends them follow-up messages. However, this will continue until the recipient finally responds or at least open your email. Which this feature allows increasing your engagement with your clients and business partners.

Is GMass free?

The Free Gmass account comes with a limit of 50 emails at a tome which the restriction was imposes by Gmail for the daily emails sent per day. However, you can subscribe to the premium services of the platform. Which wouldn’t limit you from sending unlimited emails a day.

How To Create A GMass Account

To create a Gmass account you must have a Gmail account no matter how many accounts you can just synch one with Your Gmass account. However, you need to Install the Gmass Chrome Extention. Which can be installed either from the official website or From the Chrome Web store. Also, you will need to connect your Gmail account to the platform immediately you install the platform. With this, you have added the Gmass extension to your browser than clicking on it. You will need to log in to your Gmail account to start using the platform features.

Gmass Pricing

The platform gives the pricing of its premium services which will depend on the feature you will get which serves as sending limited email per day. However, each feature is with the free account which the restriction applies in 24hours time. Here are a few pricing lists to subscribe to on the platform;

  • Minimal – $8.95 Monthly 
  • Standard – $12.95 Monthly 
  • Premium – $19.95 Monthly 

After you subscribe you can cancel a subscription which will depend on whether you subscribed via PayPal or credit card. However, when you terminate your subscription your account plan will remain until your paid period is up.