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Most people are in a habit of not logging out their email account on public devices. This is very risky because you can be impersonated. However, the Gmail sign out of all device’s mobile is one of the security measures introduced to not only allow you to log out of the Gmail account. But to also check devices that your Gmail account is connected to. If anyone gains access to your email account. You will be immediately notified. Also, Gmail sign out of all device mobile gives you the ability to log out of devices that you recognize and the one you don’t recognize via the Gmail app or through the website.

Gmail Sign Out of all Device Mobile

Furthermore, it is important that you stay logged in to your Gmail account on your personal computer or mobile phone. In order to detect if someone else logged into your account. Also, try to form the habit of logging out your account on other devices especially public computers like café. Apart from the fact that Gmail sign out of all devices on mobile gives you the opportunity to sign out all devices that your Gmail account is connected to. It allows you to fish out the device that has spied on your information. Once you detect this, you can reset or change your password so that it can no longer be accessed.

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How to Authorize and Unauthorize Access to your Google Account

When you Authorize somebody to your account. They probably asked for your consent but if they didn’t. you have every right to reset or change your password. Now that you have been able to access Gmail sign out of all devices mobile and your account is safe. There are other security features you can use to secure your account. Where you can grant or refuse access to your Gmail account. Check this out.

  • Sign in to your account and click the Google profile picture icon at the top of the page.
  • Select the option Manage your Google Account
  • Click security in the left column and under the security categories in your device. click on Manage devices.
  • Then you can select the device and click Remove to block the device from accessing your Gmail account.

Furthermore, you can also turn on the two-step authentication set up. This can be done on the Google “Account Security Settings”. Once this is done, nobody will be able to access your account except you.

Gmail Sign Out of all Device Mobile

if you use various computers or mobile phones for work or personal use. You need to make sure you are signed out of your Gmail accounts. Also, if your phone or laptop gets lost or stolen, it is important to disconnect your private account from it immediately. to access the Gmail Sign Out of all Device Mobile here are the following follow steps.

  • On your computer, log in to Gmail and scroll down to the bottom of your inbox
  • You will see a tiny print that says “last account activity”
  • Click on the Details button right below it
  • Press the “sign out all other web sessions” button to log out remotely your Gmail from computers in other locations.

Finally, you can view a lot of devices that have been signed in to your Gmail account. However, make sure you set up the two-step authentication to prevent people from gaining access to your account.


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