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Gmail is very good at providing its users with ways to make the recovery of their hacked account, forgotten password or forgotten Username. However, the Gmail account Recovery is possible on or before 30 days of the user not be able to access the account. Also, it very vital to set up your google account with an attached mobile phone number or an alternative email address. in such cases like this the phone number or email address ill help matters at hand.

Gmail Account Recovery - Gmail Recovery| Forgot my Gmail account

Gmail Recovery Account is a very simple method that will be highlighted in this article which is before 30 days of any account lost. Because of any account after 30 days is likely irretrievable and may have been deleted from Google server. Also, the email and SMS will serve as a verification platform in which a code or an email link will be sent for confirmation. However, you can create a unique security code to use if you lose. Or Forget your email password which Gmail lets you create a limit of 10.

How do I go about my Gmail Account Recovery?

With just a few steps and clicks you will Recover your lost Gmail account which will make you not lose most of your important emails. However, here are a few steps on how you could recover your Gmail account;

  • Launch any web browser on either your mobile phone or PC
  • At the homepage click on trouble accessing my account. Then you need to select the option most suitable to your predicament.
  • Which Recover Google account will be necessary then go through the on-screen instruction of either provide. An alternative email address or Phone number. 
  • Then a code or an email link will be sent to the provided. With details to click on any of the above and click next.
  • Then your account will be active back immediately.

How do I contact Google for my account Lost?

The best part is that you can contact Google to restore your account for you if you don’t know how to go about it. However, the platform will help you restore that disabled account which in some cases you are notified by Google. Here are a few steps on how to contact Google to restore your account;

  • Sign in to your Google account on a browser like chrome on either mobile phone or computer.
  • Select Try to restore and follow the instructions 
  • If you the problem still consist you next report google will present you a form to fill 

Gmail Recovery account is a very life-saving platform that as help many Gmail users to recover their lost Gmail account. Either by losing or can’t remember their password or username or both in some cases. However, Google presents good customer services which help millions of their users benefit from it.