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Except you just fell from the sky or were banished from planet earth, there’s a 50% tendency you must have seen the headlines lately and GameStop seems to be leading it. What the GameStop all about you might want to ask? GameStop is an American video-game retailer which is widely known for selling video games and gaming consoles. They are almost everywhere in different countries.

The company vends new and pre-owned video game platforms; accessories, such as gaming headsets, controllers, memory cards, and virtual reality products; new and pre-owned video game software; and in-game digital currency, digital downloadable content, and full-game downloads, as well as network points cards, and prepaid digital and subscription cards. The GameStop also offers weekly sales and most times short-term deals for customers giving them a 30% discount on Marvel, DC, Fortnite, Star Wars, and many other action figures

GameStop Gadget

I know you must be wondering why the brand is trending what do they have in store. There are different categories of products you can get from the GameStop stores. Which I will break down for you.

GameStop vestments: there is different apparel for both men and women and even kids, which include:  jewelry, clothes of any sort, hats, and accessories. You can as well get a fun suit from franchises like harry potter and DC.

GameStop electronics: the GameStop store has TVs series from VIZIO, as well as sound systems aligned from the large speakers like the YU2 Bamboo Desktop Speakers and VIZIO 5.1 Channel Sound System to smaller gadgets like the adorable Baby Yoda Speaker or the Bath Wine Holder and Bluetooth Speakers. You can also get the Lenovo, CLX, MSI, and Asus PC desktops, monitors, and laptops brands of your own choice.

Not forgetting the essentials of life which are the mobile phone devices, you can get Apple’s iOS and Samsung devices as well as tablets accessories and other various devices. You could as well get a wireless charger and powers banks.

GameStop game-like accessories: you can game-related decorations to beautify your homes like the Super Mario block light, a Baby Yoda Waffle Maker, Snorlex Novelty Mug, or an Animal Crossing Welcome Mat. You can as well get sports tokens like framed jersey numbers of your favorite team, ticket collection, and many more, or also the

GameStop Opening And Closing Hours

Well, the time frame might vary in different locations but the official time in major countries is from 10.00 am opening hours and 9.00 pm closing hours from Monday to Saturdays, but on Sundays opening time is 12.00 pm to 6.00 pm closing hour.

GameStop Near Me

The GameStop is virtually in every country but kindly make use of the Google map indicator to give quick and easy access to the GameStop store closer to you. Make sure your device has a GPS function for an easy locator. You could ask well download the app; it has the same functionality as the website.

The Mobile App

The GameStop app is very convenient and over the year of its existence, it has had a good review. It makes shopping online much easier. You can search for game consoles and other stores related stuff of your choice on the app. Although you might experience some glitches it’s common in the most app, and the GameStop management is working on that to make sure everyone is satisfied with the services they render.

In a nutshell, the GameStop is an amazing platform and it’s something you should check out and invest in, in terms of stock. Don’t take my word for it though, make your decisions wisely. #Not your financial adviser.