G Suite Basic – G Suite Basic Features | G Suite Basic Business

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G Suite is one of the best platforms owned by Google that comprises of Gmail, Hangouts, Gmail calendar which is a basic tool used in schools and offices. However, G suite basic is a professional set up for messaging, sending an invite to business partners, and save your contact on the platform. Also, the platform is uses has storage and collaboration which you can save documents and other files on Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google meet. Some users might be eligible to use the basic features for free which you need to upgrade to some standard.

G Suite Basic - G Suite Basic Features | G Suite Basic Business

G suite basic also allows users to get their custom email address such as name@company.com. Instead of the likes of the normal address that ends in @gmail.com. However, the platform gives discounts for schools and other nonprofit organizations. All you just need to do is upgrade to the G Suite for education or Nonprofits edition. Or if you are using the editions for the free user can continue using it without any change of services. Gmail gives some additional administrative tools and advanced settings with a 24/7 phone and email support.

What are the features of Google Basic?

For users who want the basic features get the benefit of 30GB of shared storage for every app service available for the platform. Which include Google Drive and Gmail to send an email which will include sending attachments such as image and document. However, this platform wouldn’t include cloud search which can search across your entire organization content and office files). You can also make App that you can use to build custom apps for your business and vault. Which is call the data retention and eDiscovery for G suite Basic.

What is the difference between G Suite Basic and Business? 

You might have to know the difference between G suite basic and G suite business which users might need to know more about the platform. However, G suite features just have three major differences the basic and the business which are storage, search, and capabilities. Also, the G suite basic gives 30GB storage per user while the G suite business delivers unlimited storage. And the G suite business includes Cloud search which also works on the web and with a mobile app.

For larger organizations and schools that want more advanced features to function like enterprise-grade meetings, security key management. However, the platform allows and 25 people in an organization to participate in Hangouts Meet meetings. Also, allow the meeting among your colleagues will be available and store in Google Drive.

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