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Gmail ID is one of the most important pieces of information for your Gmail account which helps you get access to your account but it could be forgotten. However, you don’t need to be scared because you Forgot Gmail ID or Forgotten Gmail Password as users can now rest their password and also get their ID. Users always encounter this at least once in a while that why it is always advisable to use your name or something you recollect for your Gmail ID. Another reason why Gmail users always Forgot Gmail ID is when they kept themselves Sign into Gmail for a long time.

Forgot Gmail ID - Forgotten Gmail Password and Gmail ID Recovery

They do not know their account credentials anymore when they are asked to Sign in through another computer or mobile phone. When you Forgot Gmail ID you don’t need to create a new account in most cases you can get your account back. This is unlike the Forgotten Gmail Password where you need to do a password reset to gain back access to your account. Thanks to Gmail account recovery option where you can now recover your account.

However, there are different processes on the Gmail account recovery for every situation with your Forgot Gmail ID. This also includes a Forgotten Gmail Password which might include an alternative email address or phone number. Users can now get their account back as this is now available to all users.

How to Recover Forgot Gmail ID

To recover your Forgot Gmail ID with these simple steps we are going to highlight in this article step by step. However, just get to the official website of Gmail and not an alternative online. This is not a website that will ask for money before they fix your Forgot Gmail ID issues. Here are a few steps on how to recover a Forgot Gmail ID;

  • Launch any web browser on either your PC or mobile phone.
  • Go to www.Gmail.com the official website 
  • You will need to enter your email address but of course, you cannot remember just click on the Need Help? Button.
  • The next page will show you some options click on the option for I don’t know my username. And click continue to go to the next step.
  • Provide the associated phone number with your Gmail account, then you will need to select on the radio button. To enter your recovery phone number.

Enter the phone number link with your Gmail account and a verification code via SMS. Enter the first and last name of the account and confirm that you are not a robot then submit the form.

Can I Recover Forgotten Gmail Password      

To recover Forgotten Gmail Password and Gmail ID is for free with no charge fee all you need to do is to contact the Gmail Help Center. And go through the On-screen instructions which are mention above, it very important you watch out for scammers out there. However, all information should pass through the official website of Gmail with no stress.

Gmail has a few ways to confirm your identity and recover your Forgot Gmail ID which all are not stressful. This is more like you see when you try to use the Forgotten Gmail Password option to reset your password. However, the platform is available for several users which will always have some issues. With their email services and need a service for their Gmail.