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Facebook Payment – Facebook Payments Account | Facebook Payment Setup

Receiving money through Facebook had made it easy. Facebook has added a new feature to Messenger. This allows users to easily send and receive money without having to leave the Messenger app. For another separate cash transfer app or interrupt your on-going conversation. Facebook payment is a system that allows a quick and easy way for users. With Facebook messenger account to transfer and receive money from friends, business partners using the Messenger app. It’s can be successfully done after you’ve registered your debit card or PayPal account. Messenger users can send and receive money from each other even within the Messenger chatbox.

Facebook Payment - Facebook Payments Account | Facebook Payment Setup

Facebook messenger p2p (peer-to-peer) payments system is an effective way to pay friends and bills. Without having to exchange cash or visit a separate money transfer app. The service requires both users to be friends on Facebook in order to send or receive money from each other.

How to Set up Facebook Payments

If you already have a Facebook account, then you’re already a step ahead. To get started, access your Facebook messenger profile page in the messenger app. Next, tap on your profile settings. Tap ‘Payments’. Next, input your payments information by adding a debit card or linking your PayPal account. Have in mind, that the Facebook Payments details you input is where your funds will be withdrawn from. Next, you can activate a personal identification number (PIN) for an extra layer of security. If you choose to activate a PIN, you must make sure it contains a unique number. Which can not easily guessed by any other person. For iOS device users, you can also activate Touch ID. Once you’re done with all these, you’ll have access to the Facebook payments feature. Where you can quickly send and receive money without cutting short your current conversation.

How to Receive and Send money through Facebook Messenger Pays

To receive or send money from a friend. All you need to do is start a chat with the specific person by searching their name. Once the chat box is open. Tap the ‘$’ icon that is located at the left-hand side of the text box. Select the amount and click either ‘Request’ or ‘Pay’ to complete your transaction. You can send or receive any amount of money, there’s no limit to the amount a user can send or request for. Have this in mind, the Facebook payments feature is not responsible for any money you’ve mistakenly sent. Therefore, you can’t cancel the money after you’ve already sent it. So, make sure you’re careful with any amount you input before hitting the Send button.

When you receive a new payment from a friend, you will receive a notification from the Facebook messenger app. Facebook never delays any money you receive, rather it transfers the money immediately to the debit card or PayPal account you’ve linked during your Facebook payments setup. Your bank may also take some working days to approve the transaction before it finally reflects in your account. Facebook Payments



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