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Is the Facebook dating app available or how do I get the Facebook dating app? Facebook dating, Facebook dating is not a standalone app built for users to download. But was said that Facebook is yet to bring out the dating app in which you can access to build up a relationship. However, in accessing the Facebook dating app is only through the Facebook mobile app. Besides, in other to set up your dating profile. You need to get your FB app updated to the latest and current Facebook app for mobile.

Furthermore, the Facebook dating app is actually a new feature released by Facebook. In other to connect both single men and women. Besides, the Facebook app can also be described as an online platform created for both unisex to find love or build relationships based on what they are interested in or what shows interest in them. Moreover, your matched are based on the interest you show with the people like events, groups, etc. above all, this gives you some exciting features in which you can create an attractive dating profile or gives you a surprising look.

The Requirement to use a Facebook Dating App

On the contrary, in other to make use of the Facebook dating app. You don’t need much thing for activating dating on your Facebook mobile app. As was said earlier, the Facebook dating app is not a standalone app, in other for you to download into your mobile phone to access. Above all, the only way to access the Facebook dating app is by updating your official Facebook mobile app from your Android or iOS. Here is how it works:

  • Visit the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  • Locate the Menu and click on it.
  • Click also on My App & Games or Today.
  • From the list shown, you will see the app required for update.
  • If you are not on the latest version of the app. You may click on the update in other to update the app.

However, once the Fb mobile app have been updated. The dating feature will appear on the Facebook menu. In wish you can access it form the Facebook dating site. Besides, you can only get granted on mobile devices like iOS and Android via the latest version of the Facebook mobile application.

How to use Facebook Dating

Over time, in order to make use of the dating application via Facebook mobile apps. You must ensure that the dating features is been rolled out in your country. All because not all country has been rolled out with the Fb new features called the {Facebook dating app}. The country in which Facebook dating had been rolled out to like the United States, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and more 19 countries left. Besides the dating services also comes along with some other regular Exciting dating features. here is how to create a dating profile with Facebook mobile apps:

  • Lunch the Facebook mobile app from your devices.
  • Then, click the menu icon and select See More.
  • After, click Dating and it’s will automatically open a dating page.
  • Finally, you may fill out the following required information in order to set up your Facebook dating account.

In conclusion, we discover that, user can also create a Facebook dating profile with the Fb dating site. You just only have to visit the Facebook dating site from your devices web browser making use of the https://www.facebook.com/dating/get-started/. Hence, you can select the Login option in order to set up a dating profile.


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